domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

true colours... ...

Ontem foi o meu dia de anos!!!41!!!!Meu Deus como o tempo voa!!!
Já sentem um cheirinho a Outono, ou sou só eu?!?! Adoro as cores outunais!

Yesterday it was my birthday. 41!!! I can not believe?!?! How did i get here so fast?!
I never had a party for my birthday!; and every year i promisse myself i'll do it, but end up just feeling down and kind of nostalgic and not wanting a lot of people around. Maybe next year!!!!!
Do you already feel Autumn coming or is just me and my garden?!?!

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Regina disse...

Feliz Aniversário!!!!
Tudo de bom pra você, sempre!

Por que não sempre celebrar seu aniversário? Afinal isso significa que você teve a chance de viver um ano mais nesse planela. Celebre, sempre!

Fall is coming. Definitely, I can feel it.

Petite Michelle Louise disse...

Bonne Fete Ido! You MUST always celebrate these occasions! they are special. OK?

rosenrot disse...

Happy Birthday dear Rosa, and all the best for you!!!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
Its so intresting to have readers all over the world!
So I hope you have celebrate your birthday...only a little bit :))
Have a nice week and best wishes to you

Franka disse...

Happy birthday young lady!!!

... and autumn has not yet arrived!

♥ Franka

Sharon (Roses and Rust) disse...

Happy birthday! I am 47 so 41 sounds very young!! You should celebrate with a party next year - it always helps being surrounded by some friends and family! Have a lovely week. x Sharon

It's me disse...

Congratulations !!!!!....yeah !!...have a nice week...autumn is comming here the package arrived yet ?? form

ABACAXI and HORTELÂ disse...

Feliz anniversario!!! Espereo que passou um dia come você gosta!!
Com ou sem otras pessoas ;)

Aqui outono comecou também... o jardim ja esta cheio de folhas e os esquilos estão roubando os nozes... :)

te desejo uma otima semana!
Beijos de Holanda,

Annemieke disse...

What a gorgeous pictures!! It is really fall already.. It's the same in holland but it is very cosy and i love those warm colors!
And congratulations! Did you have a lovely day?
Hugs, Annemieke

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente disse...

A very Happy Birthday. Love your photos. Diane

Lotta disse...

Super congratulations to you this day after !!
I hope you´ve had a wonderful day !
I have never parties either . I´m not that partyprincess,wants to stand in the center kind of girl .

Here we got autumn also , yesterday it was so grey , stormy and rainy . But I like it , when you gather around inside and light a fire.
Lots of love /Lotta

Divine Theatre disse...

Happy Birthday, beautiful soul!!!!!!