quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

mãe a tempo inteiro... // being a mom...

O meu marido está em Viana do Castelo, pelo que ser mãe a tempo inteiro ganhou outro significado e dimensão. Levo o tempo todo de roda dos filhotes e entre escola e actividades não me resta muito tempo para grandes coisas!! Por outro lado, com o pai fora a minha cama torna-se o centro do mundo e acabo com os marotos metidos na minha cama e poucas horas de sono!!!! um rebola daqui!; o outro resmunga dali!!; e eu fico com poucas horas de sono bem mal dormidas! Felizmente quando o meu marido volta para passar o fim-de-semana sempre ponho os sonos em dia qualquer coisa! Por isso... ... tudo vai devagar devagarinho... bem devagarinho lá vão aparecendo aqui e ali decorações de Outono!!!

My husband is working in the North and the word mom suddendly got a whole new meaning and a different dimension!! He only comes on the weekends and i, therefore, end up having the kids and their stuff all for myself!!! it's being really hard! Besides, with their father away they end up sneaking into my bed and i just don't get enough sleep!!! So... as you can imagine i'm slowly becoming a walking zombie!!!!... i can't wait to be weekend again and sleep!!!
With not much time, my Autumn decorating is going slowly!!; i mean... ... really slowly!!!
Have a great night!

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Sharon (Roses and Rust) disse...

I love your pumkins! Hope you get some sleep soon. x Sharon

Mariette disse...

Dearest Rosa Maria,

Well, I hope you will manage to get through your weeks being now a single Mom for weekdays! Not easy certainly but you might have to impose some more discipline on your lovely kids in order to stay sane yourself...
Your fabric pumpkins are adorable!

Love to you,


Petite Michelle Louise disse...

oh my...sounds exhausting! i hope you find some "sleep"soon mon amie! as for your fall's lovely!!

Tanja disse...

How wonderful your blog is, such an ispriation....the music is so great. Do you know, my husband asked me on the Eiffel- Tower if I want to marry him.Thanks for your lovely words and your visit on my blog. Tanja

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your autumn decorating is lovely, I your pumpkins are so cute.
Sorry that you are having a busy and exhausting time, being the solo Mum.
Hope that you have a lovely weekend and get some time to relax when your husband comes home.


It's me disse...

Oh it is so hard for you doing this on your own.......single mom......wishing you a happy weekend togehther with the whole familly!! from

Paulina disse...

...slowly but beautyful!Wish you nice dreams,Petra ♥

white life© disse...

I know exactly what you mean. It's hard, but many have the same problem. Enjoy the weekend and sleep, sleep, sleep ..... ;)


het tuinengeltje disse...

When you get enough sleep you can start decorating (lol).

Bey, Sylvia

A Shabby Moment in Time disse...

That pumpkin display is sensational!
Thanks for visiting my's wonderful to meet you. :)
Blessings & hugs,

Blogger disse...

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