segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

velhas... memórias // old... memories

Bem se leram o meu post de ontem já adivinharam o que é isto!!! Exactamente! Aquilo que recebi da minha mãe!
Os meus avós paternos e maternos eram agricultores ainda do tempo em que se era quase autosustentável e se fazia tudo em casa incluindo roupa de vestir, toalhas de casa-de-banho e roupa de cama. Pois! Isto foi parte do que coube á minha mãe e que ninguém queria! Não são lindas as cores?!!? E pensar que alguns ainda foram colhidos e fiados pela minha bisavó!!! Ainda não pensei o que fazer a grande parte disto! Vou ter de pensar em algo!
Boa semana!

Ok! If you read my previous post you already know what this is! Exactly! This is what was inside the bag that my mother gave me!
All my grandparents were farmers still from the time in which one would do almost everything at home. And that included clothes, bathroom towels and bedsheets. You know how it was! This was part of what my mother brought and that nobody wanted! Lucky me, heim?!?! Look at the colours!! aren't they just gorgeous?! And to think that some of it was still grown and weaved by my greatgrandmother!!!! I still haven't thought what to do with it! Some i'll keep defenitely for me!; some i'll probably sell! Other i'll use to make things for my dawanda! I don't know! What do you think?!?! My sister doesn't like any of this and i have so many!
Happy new week!!!

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Maria Antonietta disse...

Adoro i materiali naturali, amo i loro colori neutri e il loro profumo. Belle le tue foto. Ciao

Marita disse...

hope you'll get some inspiration to make something of the yarns. such nice gift.

Fay disse...

mmmmm weave a wall hanging or a floor covering ???
bon chance its a great gift
Fay xx

Sarah @ Modern Country Style disse...

Oh lucky, lucky you! What amazing things to get as a family heirloom. I'm intrigued as to what you're going to make now...


Michaja disse...

Oh lucky you!!! When I saw the first picture I thought straight these colours really fits you.

Marie-Ange disse...

C'est vraiment un belle découverte que ces pelotes naturelles aux tendres couleurs ...

Patricia disse...

Oh how lovely gift you´ve got!

My grandma was also brought up on a farm and told me about growing the flax and coming it and make yarn and weave there own fabrik to make clothes and towels and bedlinen. Beautifyl craftmanship.

Happy tuesday!
Hugs Patricia

Fay disse...

Rosa good morning hurrah someone with the guts to say something ! I really appreciate that I put provcative things on from time to time and I agree with your comments entirely . There is so much pretty talk, which is all fine and well for a while but there is so much that is wrong and NOT pretty Thanx for taking the time Im always amazed that the human comparisons which i make go entirely unnoticed, ah well phaps i should try writing a book instead of hiding in a blog ??!!!!
hve a good week with some good friends rosa fay xx love this music ahhhhhhhhhhh to be in france

puur wit disse...

hello i make some bottles with the images
you can print the images for yourself
click with the mouse en save it for you in the computer
have a nice day gr sandra

Vintage House disse...

Thank you for your visit.
What a goodie bag your mother gave your..
take care

Luciane at disse...

Good morning!

I'm so glad you dropped by! I'm also brazilian and reading about your grandparents made me think of mine. Missing them so much!

It's great to "meet" you and your beautiful blog!

Have a wonderful day!


Luciane at

Tammie Lee disse...

special indeed! A pile of treasure. I wonder what you will make, it will have your families spirit in it. Lucky you!

Mina disse...

Such treasure! You are so very lucky, my sweet Rosa!

Mathilde disse...

Ce sont de vrais trésors...J' ai reçu les mêmes...:-))
Belle journée à toi

Silvina disse...

Lovely lovely memories! Thanks for visiting me!