sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011

puffff no ciber espaço! // all vanished!!

Este foi o post de ontem que, pura e simplesmente desapareceu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juntamente, claro está!; com mais umas coisinhas que tinha alterado no blog!!!!!
Não vou tentar replicar o que escrevi ontem porque foi do momento e pronto! Falava dos meus filhotes!
Daqui a pouco segue-se o post de hoje! Ups!!! Lembrei-me que hoje é 6ª feira 13!!!!!! Vai o diabo tece-las?!?!?!

This was yesterday's post that simply vanished, puff, disappeared, totally gone, together with some other changes i had meawhile done to my blog!!!! I will not try to write it again!; simply because it was that moment and it doesn't make sense to try and do it and feel it again! Sorry ! not the same! I talked about my children!
After dinner i'll come and post today's post!  OR ... ...  should i just not do it?!?!?! i suddendly remembered today is Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!! and with all that happen to blogger!... ...
I've seen that most of you also had problems! is that correct?!?!

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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente disse...

Major problems throughout Blogger for the past 24 hours. Much has been lost!! Diane

Eva disse...

Yes, it seemed that we all had this problems with Blogger - nothing worked! But your pictures are wonderful anyway - hope you have a phantastic weekend!

Eva xx

Tammie Lee disse...

yes, my post disappeared as well, I re-posted it.

such a lovely pool to experience, ummm so inviting.

Princesa Nadie disse...

Thank you for your visit,Yes I think problems have been widespread but fortunately have been resolved
Happy and placid weekend

A Casa da Vá disse...

Weird hu? Maybe it is something about friday 13th!

Love the shots of your pools, looks gorgeous! And thank you for the beautiful words you left me, my dear friend!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

Brianne disse...

Yes, I too had problems with "blogger" today. And, old posts kept showing up on my Facebook. Odd. I do love your pool, so refreshing as the temperature starts to get warmer and warmer. I have Madeleine Peyroux in my cd player right now! She is who plays on your MixPod on your Blog. I hope you and your children have a beautiful weekend. Peace. Brianne

Gloria disse...

Hola! Que delicia se vé tu desayuno y esas hojitas de té! Y que bueno que apareció tu post! Yo encambio lo he perdido..Besos, Gloria.