terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

não são lindinhas?!?! // aren't they pretty?!?!

No outro dia encontrei uma lojinha nos cafundós da Amora que vende triliões de coisas para bijuteria! Tem tanta coisa que até é difícil escolher! No entanto, encantei-me por estes camafeus de madrepérola. São lindos, não são?! Comprei uns tantos sem saber bem o que lhes fazer! Nunca fiz bijuteria nem nunca foi coisa que me encantasse particularmente, mas ontem deitei-lhes a mão e isto foi o que surgiu!!! Que tal?! Bonitos ou foleiros para vocês?! Resposta sem máscaras por favor!!! HI! HI! Se quiserem dar uma espreitadela estão na Dawanda, claro!

The other day i found a tiny tiny shop, not so near from the place i live, that had tons of things to make jewellery (not the real one with diamonds and stuff, but pretty anyway!!!). They had so many things that was even hard to choose!! Anyway... i ended up falling in love for these pretty figures made of nacre. Aren't they pretty?! I bought several not knowing how i would use them. I never made jewellery! In fact, it was never a desire! It gets on my nerves al those tiny things that you have to be able to get somewhere and that keep on falling down!!! Do you know what i mean?!?! So ... here i was with these beauties and no ideas!!!! After playing around with material for some time and some inspiring music on this is what i was able to make:
3 rings and a bracelet. All on Dawanda!
What do you think about them?!?! Do you find them pretty or not at all?!
Would you wear them?! Or no way?!?!
Honest answers , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Happy tuesday!

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Patricia disse...

Oh I can emagine that you had problem choose in that store .. =)

A couple of years ago I had a period when I made a lot of julery.

I like the Camé-lady but I don´t think I would wear them my self, they are a bit too romantic for my stile but I think you julery are cute .. =)

Hugs patricia

Presépio no Canal disse...

Lovely! And so original the way you work with it!

Adoro os teus trabalhos!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente disse...

I don't think I would wear them but they are interesting. Diane

Colores disse...

I would wear them,! I lvoe cameos!!!kisses

Bonjade disse...

Not they are GEORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
Really such beauties you made love them all.
Fine evening

Nezzy disse...

Yes they are most beautiful and yes I would wear them! Woohoo!!! Love 'em to pieces.

Good job...great job for a novice.

God bless ya and have a marvelous day!!! :o)

Princesa Nadie disse...

I love your works,really beautiful,elegant,romantic...visiting you has been a pleasure

Fay disse...

LOVE Madelaine Peyroux

they are pretty Rosa for young girls on summer days they will love them fay xx

rosarod disse...

Olá Queridos, Como bom trabalho! Quero parabenizá-lo! Gostaria de comprá-lo e usá-lo, meu estilo romântico! assim continua a criar! abraços, Rose Marie

helena frontini disse...

Boa noite e parabéns pelo Blog cheio de charme e de ideias fabulosas. Obrigada pela visita e até breve.

chatouille bonheur disse...

Votre blog est magnifique ,tellement reposant et pleins de belle découvertes si génial .

merci de votre visite sur mon blog et je vous remercie de vos souhaits
encore une fois merveilleux blog.

Bonne soirée a vous du Québec
sur mon site chatouille bonheur.

Mina disse...

I find them completely stunning and inspiring. I would certainly wear them and be proud to do so.

FrenchGardenHouse disse...

Isn't it so fun to be creative and make lovely jewelry? Thanks so much for visiting me today.

Bleudelavande disse...

Ooohhh I love cameos!Yours are so pretty!!!!
Have a nice week.

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

I adore your beautiful and romantic jewellery. The combination of the cameos and the lace is gorgeous.

Have a happy week