domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

mesa festiva... // a table ready for a party...

Ontem uma grande amiga nossa fez 40 anos. Como estava deprimida ao ponto de não comemorar fiz-lhe um jantarinho surpresa com direito a bolo e tudo!!! Ela adorou! Foi uma bela noite!; regada com um vinho revolucionário de 1974!!!! Uma delícia!
De resto flores de cerejeira para as mamãs por aí espalhadas!!!!!!!!!!!! FELIZ DIA DA MAMÃ!!!!!

Yesterday a sweet friend of ours turned 40. As she was so depressed she just stayed at home and didn't want to celebrate her birthday!! That's what she thouhgt! I made her a special surprise dinner!!! After all you only turn 40 once, right?! She loved everything: the flowers on her favourite colour; her favourite music playing, her favourite snacks and a very special cake! It was such a great night! We ate laughed and drank a 1974 great red wine! A special night indeed!!

For all of you !!; mothers out there: cherry tree flowers to wish you: HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

How lovely you put on a birthday party for your friend.
It is such a special time turning 40 and I am sure she was really happy to be able to celebrate this milestone.
The table looks really beautiful.

Happy Sunday

It's me disse...

This is so nice of you to do this !!.....happy sunny

TagTraum disse...

What a lovely surprise!!!

xo Franka

Franka disse...

O I just wasn't logged in with my right name!


Have a nice Mother's Day!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente disse...

What a lovely thing to do. I am glad she enjoyed her birthday, it looks fantastic. Diane

ale disse...

dear rosa maria!!!!! how happy your friend is with this so so soso lovely sourprise full of LOVE!!!!!! the cake was amazing!! that forget to invite me!!jaja!! and the table with all your lovely details...the plate and forks and spons...the lamp with all that cairels...... the candles...everything is love love love!!!!!!!!!!making a simple day a very special day...that is the recipie of a happy life!!!! lots of love and hugs to you,to your family and your friend!!!!! besos rosa!!!

Rostrose disse...

Hello dearest Rosa, what a wonderful party-table! And of course your friend loved it!!! Please tell her she musn't be depressed about her 40th birthday - I will be 50 this year, and I am still YOUNG! And HAPPY! :o)
Lots of love to you, Traude

Presépio no Canal disse...

Que linda mesa! Tu tens mesmo jeito para decoracao!
E que maravilhosa e atenciosa surpresa! E assim que se fortalecem amizades! :-)
Parabens a tua amiga e Feliz Dia da Mae para ti!

vintage process disse...

Really nice blog!

Antonia disse...

What a sweet surprise of you Rosa, giving such a lovely birthday dinner for your friend. The tablesetting looks so pretty. Have a happy new week, love Anja

Mina disse...

Such stunning photos! Happy 40th birthday to your dear friend. How sweet of your to surprise her. Happy Mother's Day to you as well.


How nice of you to make your friend a beautiful yummy cake for her 40th. b'day! Wow, what a great friend! I can understand...I got so sad when I became 40 and my best friend made a little party with close friends and I just cried! wasn't worth it cause when I became 50 I loved it, so why coulnd't I love my 40's??? Us, women are crazy sometimes!

Princesa Nadie disse...

Thank you for your visit
Meeting you has been a pleasure,you have a lovely blog!

Castles Crowns and Cottages disse...

Oh dear Rosa, YOUR MADE MAGIC! YOU CREATED A FAERY TALE FOR YOUR FRIEND! See..this is what we can do! 40? A piece of cake....I just turned 53 and it only gets better. Tell her to enjoy and come and see me...I'll tell her how good it gets!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT!!! Anita

Michaja disse...

Your such a sweet friend to have organised this for your friend!
Have a lovely new week.

bicocacolors disse...

what a lovely cake!!!
looks delicious!!!

Marta disse...

Es una mesa preciosa, Rosa María !
Felicidades a ti también por el día de la madre.
Besos ;O)

Objets de Charme disse...

How sweet of you.
What a nice friend you are for her.
Wat a wonderfull dinner(table) you made.
I turn 40 in July.
I will celebrate it.

Have a nice week.
Hugs, Alexandra.

Lotta disse...

What a wonderful friend you are , how could your friend stay depressed after that fantastic party .
And what a cake , absolutely stunning !

Happy-Sonne disse...

Dear Rosa
Mmmhhh.... so sweet and very wonderful the partytable.
Best greetings from Switzerland. Yvonne

Regina disse...

Isso é que é amizade. Muito legal o que você fez.
As fotos estão lindas.
Beijinhos, e uma ótima terça-feira pra você