quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2011

é bom viver! // life is great!

Viver é mesmo bom, mesmo que tenhamos de enfrentrar contrariedades e reveses! Está um tempo maravilhoso! Parece Verão embora não o seja, e eu adoro estar em casa com a minha filhota! Sou mesmo afortunada!; posso vê-la crescer 24h por dia 365 dias por ano como aliás aconteceu com o meu filhote! E embora por vezes esteja que não posso com uma gata pelo rabo, não trocaria o tempo que passo com os meus bebés por nada neste mundo!
A piscina já tem um aspecto maravilhoso, não?! Claro que já foi inaugurada esta semana pelos meus filhotes!
Um bom resto de dia e ... aproveitem!

It's great to live! I usually say that i'll miss so much loads of things when i'm dead! Life is so damm good, even when you have problems, or things don't really turn out the way you have imagined! The weather is great! It looks like summer although it's only spring! I'm really fortunate for being able to be with my children 24h a day 365 days a year and watch them grow free and with love. That's one thing i do not regret about my life! I wouldn't trade it for anything on this whole world! Even when i'm soooo tired that i can hardly carry myself!
The swimming pool is looking great and, of course was already used this year by my children that have been spending the afternoons playing together there! It does look pretty, doesn't it?!
Have a great evening and... enjoy!

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It is beautiful!

La vida es mui bonita!
That's my spanish for the day!
Thanks for your visit, i'm your newest follower!
Come again anytime!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Het Hoogerhuys disse...

Thank You for your comment on my blog,
your blog looks lovely and so does your house....

Love, Sandra

Eefies day disse...

Of course life is good!! It is such a privilege to see your children every love, to feed, to make pleasure!!!
Take care and enjoy every day!
Nice pictures as usual.


Jacqueline disse...

Hi Rosa,
How are you ? So sorry that I haven't been around for a while....I had MASSIVE computer and Blogger problems. I am hoping that it's fine now.
What a beautiful swimming pool. It looks so inviting. We have had the most beautiful weather here for about 6 weeks, but it got colder today and rained. Back to that English weather that we know and love !!
Enjoy every minute with your beautiful children. XXXX

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

Life is wonderful and yes, so much to be thankful for.
It is so neat to be able to care for your children and I did the same was a stay at home Mum and loved it too.
Your swimming pool and garden is beautiful and must be a great way to spend a fun time.

Happy weekend

It's me disse...

Live is soooooo good!!...your house is so beautiful...are you sure you are going to move out....???

Kathy disse...

Quite beautiful! Looks inviting!

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your pool and garden looks wonderful and must be a lovely way of keeping cool in summer. Your children must love swimming in the pool.
I was a stay at home Mum too and was good having someone there when they came home from school.

Happy weekend

Mina disse...

I do so wish I were there in your pool. It looks so gorgeous!

Brandi disse...

Hi Rosa! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog which led me to yours! I love the music on your blog, so calm and peaceful, Like your pool! What a beautiful place to relax in.