sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2011

pura alegria! // pure joy!!

Estou completamente rendida, surpreendida, feliz, ... Esta semana aconteceu-me uma coissa deveras única! Sabem quando alguém que não conhecem de lado nenhum sorri para nós e nos deixa feliz?!?! Pois! Foi mais ou menos isso!!!; só que muito melhor! Aqui hà uns tempos descobri o blog da Anja, que diga-se de passagem é lindo!, adiante!; ... num dos posts ela mostrava uma revista que me pareceu linda, e deixei um comentário a afirmar isso mesmo! Pois! ela enviou-ma, assim do nada! juntamente com mais umas coisas amorosas! tudo tão lindo e tão cheio de carinho que me deixou verdadeiramente comovida! Como podia uma pessoa cujo blog eu visitára tão poucas vezes e que não me conhece de lado nenhum ter a gentileza de me surpreender oferecendo-me algo?!?! Lindo não?! e... veio no momento certo! esta semana perdemos 2 pessoas muito queridas! uma senhora amorosa de 91 anos (vizinha) e um amigo que vivia desde hà 1 ano na Alemanha, da idade do meu  marido e um amigo chegado e muito querido! Como vêem ter uma alegria numa semana de tanta tristeza foi simplesmente perfeito! Como sempre achei que amor com amor se paga irei partilhar o acto com mais algumas bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!! Não é um gesto lindo?!?
 Para a conhecerem a ANJA cliquem aqui!!!:
I am just speechless (and believe me it's hard to leave me that way!!), deeply touched, surrended to kindness and so happy!!!
Meet ANJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has just a gorgeous romantic blog worth visiting! One of these days i found her travelling the net, as i sometimes do! She had post about a pretty magazinne called Home Brocante Special! I left her a comment, as i always do when i visit you! ( i just think that it is so kind that you're sharing that the least i can do is leave you a comment!! it might be only 2 words it might take some days to get to you, but ...) Anyway!!... back to the point!...    I left her a comment saying that it looked like a gorgeous magazine and imagine what happened!!!!!   ... She sent me one!!!!!!! out of no where, for any reason special!!!!!!!!!!! without knowing me!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!!! It had never happened to me!!!! Someone that i do not know surprised me with a gorgeous present filled with details and beautiful things! it was all so pretty, romantic and caring that it really deeply touched my heart! Thanks so much Anja! You have no idea what it meant to get so much love specially this week that we lost 2 beautiful human beings! 1st a sweet lady of 91 who was our neighbour and 2nd a dear dear friend of ours, now living in Germany and the same age as my husband!!!!! to get this joy in such a sad week was just perfect!!!!!!
As it is my pure belief that LOVE SHOULD ALWAYS BE PAID WITH LOVE i will be sharing this gesture of kindness with some  bloggers! That's my way of saying thanks!! for visiting my blog!; for sharing so much of you!; for letting me into your private lives!; for spending time commenting on my posts (even when i take too long to get to yours)!; for sharing sweet words and happiness!
May you all have a glorious day!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ...  .... Share some love!

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Presépio no Canal disse...

Que bonito gesto! Foi Deus a dar-te uma alegria e consolo numa epoca mais triste.
Lamento a perda dos teus entes queridos!
Vou ver o blog! Holandes, certo? Vi pela revista.
Beijinhos no coracao nesta hora mais dificil!
PS: tambem tenho um mimo para ti no meu canto :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages disse...

Precious Rosa! WHAT A GORGEOUS COLLECTION OF VINTAGY OBJECTS! And your world is truly beautiful my dearest! Thank you for coming over and leaving me a kind word. That is so special! I do hope you enjoy a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! BISOUS, Anita

Antonia disse...

Dear Rosa, I'm sitting here behind my laptop with tears in my eyes. I'm very touched by your loving words! It's hard to loose two dear persons in such a short time. I didn't know you are having such a sad period. It makes me happy to send you some love, big hugs Anja

Miss tentaciones disse...

Precioso blog y preciosas fotos!!
Gracias por tu comentario.
Besos, y feliz fin de semana!!

It's me disse...

What a nice gift from Anja...she is so nice.......loevly gift darling.......have a nice weekend...enjoy love form me

Colorin Colorado... disse...

How generous...and how beautiful!!! Enjoy it Rosa, you deserve it!!

Divine Theatre disse...

I am so sorry for the losss of your friends, my dear. It's nice to know there are good people in the world.
Please come visit my post on my most recent shelter pet in need and enter my GIVEAWAY!


Sylvia disse...

Hello Rosa,
I know Anja and her lovely blog, what a nice gift you received from her, enjoy it !
Wish you a wonderful weekend,

Luiza disse...

First of all, I want to say, I´m sorry for your loss...

What a wonderful gesture to send you that magazine =)!

Hope you´ll have a wonderful weekend!

Mina disse...

So sorry to hear of your losses. My heart goes out to you.

What a glorious gift to receive in the mail! You are such a kind and loving person. I am sending many blessings your way.

Mariette disse...

Dearest Rosa,

That was a lovely gift you received from my birth country from Anja. In life those things of happiness and sadness can often go hand in hand... like a paralell to help us through the valley of our lives.

Have a wonderful weekend!



ale disse...

qué amorosa!!! dear rosa maria!how lovely anja!!beautifull and lovely sourprise and in so sad moments!!!muchisimos besos rosa y todo mi cariño!!!
me encanta como se ve tu blog!!!l love your inspirational ideas,your home.....everything is lovely!!!!

Michaja disse...

How sweet of Anja! Me a Dutchie doesn't even know this magazinne! But that's of course as I don't life inthe Netherlands any more :) It looks like a great magazinne. Enjoy it my friend.

Rostrose disse...

Wonderful, dearest Rosa - I am so happy with you :o)
And thanks for your nice comment to my India-trip-report. Today there is a new posting ... but I'm afraid, there are some photos of monkeys again... (Did you ever have a problem with a monkey? Perhaps as you was a child? I always think they are funny!)
Sending warm hugs to you, Traude

Miss Gracie's House disse...

What a special blessing to you from your sweet new friend...I am sorry for your losses and your difficult week...YOU are kind.