sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

partilhando... // just sharing...

É Sexta-Feira!!!! Yupiiiii!!!
Hoje andei um pouco abatida o dia todo!!!! Não sei se por causa do tempo se por estar farta das conversas de crise e mais crise com que somos bombardeados todos os dias!!!
Enfim... partilho convosco fotos de:
uma cesta para as molas da roupa
uma almofada com uma imagem do meu jardim, de uma flor chamada Aleluia e que adoro! (ambas na Dawanda)
por fim, foto de uma beleza que bem conhecemos, e pela qual sou apaixonada, e que entrará no meu próximo projecto.
Bom fim-de-semana!
Vou-me aos vossos blogs!...

It's Friday!!!!!!! Hurrai!!!!!
I felt a bit sad and down all day long!; maybe because of the weather (too much rain gets on my nerves!!); maybe  because i'm just fed up with all this story of the crises this and the crises that, that the news and people keep on talking!!!
Anyway... share with you images of:
a pegs basket i did this week
a very special pillow with an image from my garden. I took this picture last year and it's from a flower called "ALELUIA" . It's called this way because it always and only flowerishes for and on Easter. It is made of several very small and delicate white flowers and has the most soft and heavenly scent you can imagine! (both things on Dawanda)
Last, but not least... a photo of a beauty i love!!!!, and that will be on my next project under the theme: beautiful women.
Happy weekend!!!!
I'm gone... visiting your blogs!

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Betty Gaeta disse...

Oi Rosa,
Suas peças são realmente encantadoras!
Bjkas e uma noite maravilhosa para vc.

dona disse...

Three sweet things... :)

It's me disse...

Beautiful things you make !! nothing wrong darling...i only tell you that the magazines are on his way to you !!! love happy

Fer disse...

Oi Rosa!
Que alegria receber o teu recadinho...
Obrigada e bom fim de semana pra ti e tua família!!


culturafemenina disse...

Hola...I'm glad you visited my blog and enjoy the sunshine of my yellow post jijij...Around here we have a lot of snow too...your pictures of the flower make me think that we are closer to the spring.
I enjoy visiting your blog and the music...I guest is time to follow you formally. Since now you have a new follower...Visit me again

MariCrea disse...

Thanks for your comment
These objects are so lovely
Enjoy your saturaday

sol y luna disse...

hermosa las flores!!!!!!buen fin de semana!!!!!cariños monica

Gry disse...

So nice, clean and sweet! I can almost smell the flowers ;) The pillow is nice and the lady beautiful <3 Thand you for following me my friend! Have a nice weekend <3 Hugs from Gry

Brian disse...

The things you made are very beautiful, maybe nice weather will follow!

texwisgirl disse...

Loveliness! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! God bless you and all the beauty that surrounds you!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia disse...

Such pretty pictures!!!!
I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Karen disse...

Its so exciting to have a visitor from Portugal, for me a Jersey girl who never gets to travel.Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Your blog is so beautiful,and the peg basket and pillow are so pretty. If you would like to follow please do, I always return the favor. Have a great weekend!

Pearl disse...

Rosa, what a beautiful blog you have!


Marge disse...

Dear Rosa,

Such sooo lovely things you have made!!!<3 I hope that weather will be sun shine...
Take care!<3
Hugs, Marge

vintagecompagnie disse...

que bonita!!!

Johanna disse...

Hello Rosa,
thank you for your sweet comment so I could discover your blog, too. You have so nice romantic photos. I just love it.
Greetings, Johanna

Paulina disse...

The basket ist sooo cute ;o), have a nice sunday!Petra ♥

Sonja disse...

Hi Rosa, thanks for visiting my blog!
I just looked and read your posts... lovely things you make.. very nice. Beautiful pictures also..

Have a nice sunday, hopefully not sad and down;)
A little sunshine from Holland! (It's raining also..)

Bye Bye

French Kissed disse...

Love the laundry basket. Something about a pretty laundry basket and stacks of freshly laundered linens that bring a smile.


Mina disse...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing them all.

Kelly disse...

Beautiful pillows! I can't wait to see the next "Beautiful Women" theme!


Deb disse...

love love love your laundry peg cute! ~Deb~