quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011

o que faço... / work in progress!!!

Uma espreitadela às coisas em que tenho estado a trabalhar!
Um acessório para usar com os talheres (para colocar os talheres dentro), que também pode ser usado para colocar o guardanapo, uns doces ou umas flores! Estará à venda na minha loja Dawanda! (Portes de envio grátis)
Na última photo, uma almofada que me deu muito prazer fazer! Também na Dawanda.
Boa 4ª Feira!

A sneak peek on what i'm working on!!! Something i made to put  fork and knife in, but that you can also use to put the napkin, some sweets for your guests, or a flower. I bought this french magazine from 1879 and will use it to do some things!
The last photo is from a pillow i did with great pleasure and it's the 1st  thta i'll be doing on Beautiful Women !
Both things are selling on my Dawanda shop, on the sidebar, if you want to check it out!
Happy wednesday!

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Divine Theatre disse...

You are so creative, my friend! I wish you lived near me!

*Tasiaa disse...

Well done!


Mina disse...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. Your blog is so peaceful and calming. Have a beautiful day

Bonjade disse...

How pretty the things you make....
Love that white flower.
Fine evening

It's me disse...

You make the most lovely things darling !! ...did you get my mail??? enjoy your

Antonia disse...

Thank you Rosa for visiting my blog. If I can buy two brocante magazines, I send you one as a gift! Antonia

dona disse...

Hi Rosa! I enjoyed so much your choice for the song of the day. Michael Jackson will be great forever..

Anónimo disse...

What a lovely idea, Rosa!! This would add the perfect special touch to any table setting... sooo pretty!!!
Have a wonderful week! :)
~ Jo

BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour Rosa,
This is an excellent idea for the table. ALl your items are so romantic. Yes, you should definitely visit Paris someday soon! You would even more lovely ideas.
Bonne journée,

Debbie disse...

Very beautiful, and as one who loves to set a pretty and creative table, I really am drawn to it.

By the way, your music is wonderful on here.

Debbie disse...

Very beautiful, and as one who loves to set a pretty and creative table, I really am drawn to it.

By the way, your music is wonderful on here.

culturafemenina disse... are so talented!!! Amazing all the thing that you can do!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog today...and even better thank you so much for your kind comment on my Glam post.

Diana Evans disse...

oh wow!!! you are so inspirational!!! what a great seeing what you're working on!!!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente disse...

I had a problem trying to find where to leave comments but at last I have tracked it down :-)

I love your house it is stunning and your crafts are so beautiful. You have so much talent. I will be back. Diane

Piluka disse...

Bonitas fotografias. Beautiful photographs.
Thanks for visit my blog.

Fer disse...

Bom dia Rosa!
Obrigada por passar ontem no meu blog, fiquei muito contente...
Eu adoro as coisas que você faz, um estilo unico!
Ver as tuas criaçoes me faz viajar no tempo.
Boa quarta-feira!

Betty Gaeta disse...

As duas peças estão lindas! Gostaria que sua loja fosse no Brasil.
Bjkas e um ótimo restinho de semana para vc.

Paula Cavalcante disse...

Oi, Cherry!!! Grata por sua visita ao Blog e pela mensagem...estou retribuindo sua visita...adorei seu Blog...espero te ver sempre por lá...bjs e bom término de semana!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage disse...

Love what you've created. Thanks so much for always stopping by, I so appreciate it!! Hope you have an awesome day, Theresa

Town and Country Gals disse...

What a lovely creation! It would look wonderful on anyone's table!
You come up with such great ideas!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier disse...

Thank you so very much for you visit,dear Rosa and for you wonderful cooment!
You make beyond pretty things with you handsmjust so,so nice:-)*


Michaja disse...

Will definitly come and visit your Dwandashop!

Luiza disse...

Everything looks fantastic!!!
I wish I had energy to start sewing and crafting...

Going to your store, maby I´ll find something just for me =)!

Have a good night!

sol y luna disse...

tu blog es muy bonito!!!!!me gusta maria bhetania!!!!!gracias por visitar mi blog,monica

Marcela disse...

Me encantò ésta idea!
Hermoso tu blog!
Gracias por visitarme!

designchic disse...

What a wonderful idea...your table looks lovely!!

María José- islabcn disse...

Muchas gracias por visitar mi blog (y por tus palabras). Así me has dado la oportunidd de conocer tu blog, con todo lo bonito que hay en él. Tus imágenes son preciosas, tus ideas, fantásticas, y tu casa.... yo quiero una asi!!! Es maravillosa!!! He disfrutado mucho mirando...
Besos y abrazos

Rostrose disse...

Very pretty things you have made, dearest Rosa! :o)
Hihi - and "to kill your curiosity": No, we haven't been at the rats-temple (thanks god! I wasn't sure, if I would be able to stand this sight...) And: what kjind of dancing show do you mean? Something like Bollywood? No, we didn't see a show like this - we only saw (and danced with) belly dancers - you can see it in my former postings :o) - but no great dancing-event or something like this...
Lots of hugs to you, Traude

Carla disse...

Hi Rosa,

Thank you for visiting my Blog and your comment.
I've looked around at your blog and you also have so many pretty pictures, you make lovely things.
Have a wonderfull day.

Kindest regards...Carla

Maria Antonietta disse...

Ciao, grazie per essere passata nel mio blog. Sono molto contenta, continua a seguirmi.
Il tuo blog è bellissimo.

Laura disse...

Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by me!! This is a wonderful blog!

nathalie disse...

we have the same world ;o))
nath from caribou et blanche douceur

Betty Gaeta disse...

Oi Rosa,
assim que acabar a roda viva de sorteio na qual eu me meti, vou visitar sua loja com muito carinho e atençao.
Bjkas e um ótimo final de semana para vc.

Honey at 2805 disse...

Your blog is beautiful and your projects stunning! I'm delighted that you visited and are following. I have happily been your follower for some time. I have never visit Portugal, but am looking forward to it someday.

Anónimo disse...

Ooooo, very pretty! I look forward to seeing more. :)

Sussi / Sussinghurst disse...

very, very pretty

Catherine disse...

Very pretty ~ you are talented!
Thank you for visiting my blog the other day!

Anónimo disse...

Your home is lovely, so many wonderful things to see ~ xox Alexandra