sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

beleza sob a luz da manhã... // beauty under the morning light...

É linda, não é?! É uma magnólia e está agora mesmo a começar a abrir com o calorzinho da manhã! Adoro esta tonalidade! Perfeita para um jardim ou lugar romântico!!! Bem ... na realidade perfeita para qualquer lugar!
Esta semana tem sido difícil sem o meu marido por cá! Não tenho tido muito tempo para grande coisa!, mas ideias para projectos não faltam!
As últimas fotos são de uns potinhos para velas que fiz usando  frasquinhos de comida para bebé. Não tinha de todo pensado usá-los para este fim porque detesto aquele rebordo onde enrosca a tampa!!; fica mesmo feio, mas tentei qualquer coisa e adoro o resultado! Que tal?! Algumas ideias como usá-los?!
Bom dia e aproveitem o sol!

It is beautiful!! isn't it?!?! It is now starting to open with the morning warmth and sun! I just love this shade of soft pink mixed with white! Perfect for a romantic garden like mine. In fact, it would look gorgeous no matter the place!!!
This week has been a bit difficult with my husband in Austria! I'm all alone with the kids and between the house stuff, ny son's school and violin and ballet and ... (uff i'm tired already!!) i have no time at all !!! so i haven't visit you that much, but i promisse i will!
On the last photos: some candle holders, i did last week, and that are made of baby food jars (Marita - was talking about this the other day!)! I don't usually use them because i don't like that top part!! but, this time decided to try it out and came up with this! How about it?!? do you have any ideas on how to use them?!? I still have a lot! Some of them i'm going to use for spices (i'll show you photos when they are done!); but you all have lots of gorgeous ideas, and i've run out!!
Happy day!

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Gry disse...

Oh, the Magnolia is the most wonderful tree. Beatiful pictures with the rigth light and colors.

Have a nice weekend and take some time to be good to yourself ;) Hugs from Gry

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente disse...

I wonder if my magnolia is coming out in France? Beautiful photos. Diane

Fer disse...


Cada vez que vejo as tuas fotos me encanto, o teu blog é magico e consegue sempre me emocionar!

Um abraço,


It's me disse...

Home sad for you darling......have a nice

It's me disse...

Home sad for you darling......have a nice

Peonies & Magnolias disse...

Your candles turned out beautifully and your magnolia is so lovely. Hope your husband is home soon. Have a great weekend.


~*~ saskia ~*~ disse...

Stil thinking about any additional ideas... I did fell in love with your BEAUTIFUL candles, Rosa. They are amazingly gorgeous.
Enjoy a lovely weekend xxxx

Sylvia disse...

Love that soft pink of the flower, Rosa !
Your candle holders are beautiful, lovely idea with the little hearts !
Nice weekend,

Trudy Callan disse...

Thank you so much for wishing me congratulations on my pregnancy. I will try to get some baby bump pictures posted in the next week or so.

Jud disse...

Olá querida,
Grata pela visita e comentário carinhoso!
Adorei seu blog, encantador e inspirador, estou seguindo.
Abraços desde Brazil,

Jud disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
dona disse...

In our former house we planted a pink Magnolia, just like yours. It was an amazing show every early april!

Betty Gaeta disse...

Oi Rosa,
Amei suas velas. Ficaram muito fofas!
Bjkas e um ótimo final de semana para vc.

deise CRAFTS... disse...

Oi querida!
Vim agradecer sua visita!
E também claro dar uma espiadela no seu blog!
Que magnólia linda! Lindas fotos... tão delicada!
Então tive que ficar mais um pouquinho para ouvir Per Amore... tão maravilhosa essa canção! E o piano então...
Agora sou seguidora!

Brianne disse...

Hi, Rosa. All is beautiful in the candlelight. I love the magnolia. It was my fathers' favorite flower. I like the jars with the little bit of glitter (?). My heart is sad that your husband is not with you. Soon, I hope he is home. Peace. Brianne

Anónimo disse...

hola amiga,gracias por tu bella visita y lindo comentario,me gusto,te felicito por tu blog,me relaja,muy bonitas flores,te dejo bechitos

Deusa disse...

Que musicaa mais linda do seu blog,foi a musica de uma novela brasileira,mas não me lembro de qual.Linda,obrigada por entrar no meu Blog,assim me deu a portunidade de conhecer o seu.Vou leva-lo já para o meu,assim todos os dias vejo o que esta aprontando.
Amei os potinhos...lindos...lindos...ficou maravilhoso.
Diga-me que foto posso colocar na barra lateral do meu Blog,pois nãao sei...escolha uma que vou leva-lo para minhas amigas conhecerem seu Blog.
Vou passear mais um pouco pelo seu Blog...haaa...a Daniela que participa do meu blog toda Quinta e Portuguesa,uma pessoa queridissima.
vasinhos coloridos

MariCrea disse...

I envy you a bit ... here it's sunny but it's still a bit cold
The flowers aren't yet blooming
Have a wonderful and warm weekend

vicarno's mama disse...

Que magnólia linda!!!!! Também gracias por tu visita no meu blog y lindo comentario! Tenha um bom fin de semana!

Rummet för välbefinnande disse...

Good morning :)
These photos looks exotic to me. Simply love them, and the colors are just great. Here we´re having snow, but actually it´s not very cold today and I´m very happy for that. So I think - today will be a fantastic day :)

What do think about taking some glue and then tie a string round the glass-jar. Then you can put a lace above it. The mix between the airy, light lace and the rough ribbon behind it can be nice, I think. But be sure that the fire can´t reach it.
Wish you a nice saturday.

Cucchiaio pieno disse...

Realmente a magnólia é linda! As fotos sao maravilhosas.
Que pena que você esta' longe do teu marido. A Áustria fica aqui pertinho, é um lugar lindo e onde tem a famosa sacher torte (que amo)!
Um abraço

Home and Lifestyle disse...

The magnolia is a wonderful flower, I like her, just like your candle holders!

Wish you a very happy weekend! Many hugs, Ingrid


Magnolia is a beautiful flower, a real spring flower.
Today it´s snowing here.
Have a happy weekend

Hemma på Landet disse...

Lovely and beautiful.:-) Hug Stina

Fröken Tindra disse...

Oh, these flowers are lovely. But I don´t have one of my own. It´s to bad!
Like your candle holders!

Anónimo disse...

dear rosa,
many thanks for the wish for my niece to her birthday!
your photos about the magnolia
are soo beautiful!
I wish you a wonderfil weekend.

Michaja disse...

Your magnolia is magnifique! I know what it is to be home alone, as my husband it quite often away for work. Fortunately we have him for a week at home!!
Take care my friend and enjoy the weekend.

ABACAXI and HORTELÂ disse...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Your husband is back from Austria? We got home last night & I need to get used again to the warmer temperatures & the rain!
Os imagens da Magnolia são muito lindas! Gosto muito do cheiro, o começo de primavera!!
Bom final de semana!
Beijos, Chantal

Mina dagar disse...

Åh....I like what I see:):)
Nice Weekend!

Magui disse...

Querida Bikim... gracias por tu visita... adoré conocerte!
Me siento muy identificada con tu hermoso blog, en él puedo ver objetos bellos, delicados junto a objetos antiguos en una comunión única en donde se revaloriza su belleza... espero seguir visitándonos... por ahora estoy un poquito vaga para la computadora por el embarazo... pero me hago tiempo para visitar mis amigas virtuales... besitos... Magui

Makkie disse...

What a nice blog do you have!

alliot + iza disse...

It's a delight to be here! Very inspiring blog!
Thanks dear Rosa for your kind words and lovely visit to our blog :)

Vit som snö disse...

Yes, absolutely beautiful and romantic flower!!!
I wish magnolia in my garden one day...but it's to cold here:( Have to move first;)
Love your candleholders! So cute!!
You are creative my friend!
I hope the busy time is over now and i hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

Vintage Home disse...

Thanks for dropping by!...The blossoms on your tree are stunning!

culturafemenina disse...

Crazy times for you!!!...i will see flower in two month uhuhuh i hope they are as beautiful as yours. I like the candle holder...great idea even to use in the patio n summer.

Luiza disse...

I hope you´re having a great weekend, sweetie!!!

Really lovely photos!!!
I like them a lot.


Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

I adore your pretty magnolia and what a gorgeous shade of pink.
The candle holders are lovely and such a great idea.
Many thanks for visiting me.
I hope that you have a lovely weekend with your children and that your husband will be back soon.


GIL disse...

Pois eu adorei e tenho destes vidrinhos sobrando pq tenho netos...eeeba.....vou tentar fazer....bjks...Gil

Yvonne - Frl.Klein disse...

Dear Rosa, I love magnolia!
I hope the spring comes soon!
Thank you so much for your lovely words to my daughters birthday!!!!
Big Hugs,

Ale Quejinho disse...

Nossa, fiquei encantada!

Marita disse...

wow Rosa they look georgeus!!!! now i really must make my own candlejars ;)
Yhings are fine over here...just have taken a little break from blogging and surfing on the net.
I like your little shop. So lovely things.
I opened my own craftshop-blog but that did'nt turn out fine. noone was interested :(
Hope you have a good day!!