sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Alguns detalhes da decoração da minha cozinha na zona do lava loiças!
E... uma tentação!!! Sim uma receitinha bem fácil para vos abrir o apetite e agúçar o apetite: PALMIERS!!!
Cá em casa não duram mais que 2/3 horas! Estes fiz agora mesmo para o pequeno-almoço de amanhã. Então aqui vai a receita:
*massa folhada (eu usei marca jumbo congelada, descongelada claro!)
* 4 colheres de sopa de açúcar (um pouco mais se for preciso)

colocar um pouco de açúcar na bancada e abrir a massa folhada com um rolo. Quando estiver do tamanho de uma folha A4. Colocar açúcar por cima e enrolar para dentro dos dois lados (ver foto), até ficar sobreposta (fechada como se fosse um livro). Cortar em fatias e colocar num tabuleiro enfarinhado. Forno com ela!!!; 220º até dourar! Uma vez prontas, deixar arrefecer para endurecerem. DEPOIS?!?! hummmmmmmmmm comê-las! Com café com chá com o que quiserem!!!

Some decor details from my kitchen sink area.
And... a special recipe: PALMIERS. Just to challenge you to forget a diet for 5 minutes, to endulge yourself, to take pleasure for the pleasure of pleasure!!!... Do you know what i mean?!?!
Anyway, it's really EASY TO DO!!! Promisse! Here it goes:
* puff pastry ( i use frozen one, just defroze at room temperature)
* about 4 tablespoons of sugar (you can use more if needed)

Put some sugar on your working surface and open the puff pastry until it's about 5mm. Then dust it with sugar and roll it inside (please see photo) finishing it closed as if it was a book (see photo). Once it is a roll cut it into slices and place  on a flour dusted tray, facing up (see photo). Then?!?! Into the oven 220º until it's golden (15minutes). Once done, take them out and let them rest so they harden. After?!?! Just EAT!!!! with coffee, with tea, with whatever you want!!! Promisse you will not be able to eat only one!!!
These, on the photos, are right now standing in my kitchen waiting for tomorrows' breakfast, some are already gone, and some more will for sure disappear before we go to bed!!!

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It's me disse...

Beautiful new blog banner!!.....nice cookies !!! lovely weekend Ria...xxxx

dona disse...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you! :)

Vit som snö disse...

Yes, the crown IS really lovely:)
Dommo By Gawor is a new design from Sweden, I just love it!!
Like your music:) Beautiful!
I think I invite myself for breakfast at your place;) Your Palmiers looked niiice:)
I wish you a nice weekend!

Nezzy disse...

Mmmmm, the cookies look marvelous. Thank you so much for poppin' in with your sweet comment today. Please drop in often, the door of the Ponderosa is always open.

From the snow covered hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

Fer disse...

Que delicia!
Gostei muito também da flor :D
Eu ja conheço essa receita, aqui na Italia a gente gosta muito.
Até mais!
Abraço. Fer

Regina disse...

Parece realmente uma delicia! Eu tambem gostei muito da flor.
Boa noite pra voce.

Diane disse...

Your blog is beautiful and so is the music. Thank you for visiting my blog today and for taking the time to compliment it. :-) I hope to see you again.

donna baker disse...

Now, pray tell, how do I eat just one? Nice post.

Sarah Vam de Parker disse...

Me ha encantado que te pasaras por mi blog porque asi te he conocido,me ha gustado mucho lo que haces y me quedo de seguidora tuya.
Por cierto,¿ya tienes almendros en flor?En mi casa aun no estan y me encantan.

*Tasiaa disse...

I like the music on your blog very much!

Have a nice weekend!

(new follower)

Gry disse...

Mmmmm... This looks really wonderful! And the pictures are beautiful ;)) Have a nice weekend! Hugs from Gry

*Maristella* disse...

Buongiorno Rosa, io ti ringrazio per il tuo simpatico passaggio! Ti auguro buon San Valentino, *Maristella*.

BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour Rosa,
These palmiers looks delicious,I think I have some puff pasty in the freezer now... Thank you for coming by to visit - glad you liked the article!
Happy Valentine's Day,

Fröken Tindra disse...

Thank You for visiting my blog! Lovely music and lovely cookies!
Have a nice Sunday!
Best Wishes!

Living White disse...

Thanks Rosa. First i thought about painting it white but now i think its great as it is, big and black:)

Miss Gracie's House disse...

Such a fun and pretty post...and those cookies...delicious!

Marie-Ange disse...

J'adore les palmiers qui ont pour moi le goût de l'enfance ... surtout faits maison !

kristinco disse...

J'adore les palmiers avec de la glace à la vanille prise entre deux biscuits !!!