terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

ainda tive tempo... / still had time to...

Bem hà muito que ninguém estava doente cá por casa!!!! Agora, pra variar estamos todos! BRRRRR!!! Detesto!!! A minha filhota ainda tem muita tosse e têm sido umas noites difíceis! O meu filhote também está muito atacado e só hoje foi à escola. Estava mesmo a precisar de tirar umas horinhas para criar algo e esquecer as tosses as febres os xaropes....
Foi isto que fiz! Espero que gostem! Podem encontra-las na barra lateral na minha loja Dawanda.

It's been a while since someone was sick around here! Now, for a change, we're all sick!!! My baby girl still caughs a lot and nights have been really hard! not much sleep. My son is also sick and only went to school today, because he had an english test. I needed to create something and set my mind free for some time! So, i did candle holders amoung other things that i'll show you on future posts! I used some chicken wire, ribbon and flowers i did myself! How about it?!? I love them! Great for a touch of romantic spring around the house!! You can find them on my Dawanda shop on the sidebar (and shipping is still free for europe!)
Happy night!

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Marita disse...

today when I was cleaning some babyfood jars I was thinking they would be great as candleholder. chicken wire is a great idea..thanks ;)
Hope you all feel better soon!!!

It's me disse...

I hope everyone will get well soon darling !!! nice your candles!!! and free shipping ?? how so you do that ????? love

Bela disse...

Que lindo, Rosa!
Espero que a saúde de todos vcs melhore! Muito pensamento positivo e boas vibrações lhes mando!

Betty Gaeta disse...

Oi Rosa Maria,
Espero que todos sarem logo!
Amei os arranjos com velas e copos. As fotos estão lindas.
Bjkas e uma noite maravilhosa para vc.

Madeleine Berglund disse...

Thank you very much! =D Have a wonderful day! Hugs Madeleine

desde my ventana disse...

It looks so beautiful!!

Kom Achterom disse...

OOh i hope your all soon better!! i love your lovely light!

Michaja disse...

Thank you for passing by at my blog!
Good luck for you and your children. Here almost everyone has been sick as well. I really hope spring will come soon.

robin baron disse...

I always love design that incorporates sheet music! It's instantly romantic!

Gustaviana disse...

nice to meet you on my blog .. you make also nice beautiful things.. i come and visit you on your blog many timesssss
hugs viana

Fer disse...

Oi Rosa!

Muito obrigado por visitar meu blog, sou online e quiz te responder subito..
Gostei muito do teu blog.

Até mais!!!

Anónimo disse...

Hello Rosa,
Thanks! for visting my blog, I`ll like your blog also.
Your my first visitor from un other country.
Have a nice day.

Honey at 2805 disse...

Thanks your for your visit and sweet comment. Your blog is lovely and am happpy to say I've just become a friend and follower!

Kelly disse...

I love the wire and the sheet music butterflies!!