sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010

fruit trees!

Hurrai! I already have some fruit on my trees! Right now i have figs, plums, peaches and of course my strawberries plantation! I had to have one!!! My baby girl is CRASY about strawberries!
Can't wait to see my apples and cherries coming out too!!!
I spent the day cleaning! The painting is done and now i had to clean everything and, best part all!!!, - decorate! I'll do some befores/afters on the next post!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

can you imagine?!

It's said that Michael Jackson wrote this song when his baby girl Paris was born dedicating it to her.
Pay atention to the lyrics! Isn't that pure poetry?!
Can you imagine writing something as beautiful as that yourself?! Poets really are superior beings! - taking your breath away with simple common every day words!
Find a poem too today! Cherish it! Share it!

quarta-feira, 28 de abril de 2010

on my backyard...





This is how my backyard looks right now! I just love spring!!!!; although yesterday it looked more like summer!!!! The sun has been shining for almost 2 weeks now and yesterday we had 34 degrees!!!!! Can you believe it?! That is so over the top for this time of the year!! Today it will be hot too but temperatures are expected to drop to 23 on the following days! To bad for the ones that were already going to the beach!; and after such a LONG hard winter everybody is beach crazy!!!; well ... everybody except me!!
Anyway... yesterday my son was already on the swimming pool.
My garden is just gorgeous now! On these photos you can still see the old colour of the house!! I'll do a before and after when it is all finished!
The sun is gorgeous today and i'm off to do some gardening!!!! ENJOY THE DAY!!

terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

decor sacrifices...

Here are some photos on my actual kitchen table decor. Can't show you the whole thing because it's not completely done. I've been having a blank in what decor is concerned! I guess that it happens when i feel a bit down. I promisse i'll show it all ! Hi! Hi!
Meanwhile... my house is a complete mess! It's being painted! It absolutely needed it! The old paint was 10 years old and it was time to freshen it up! It was painted in a very soft shade of pink and it's actually being painted in what they call "ice white"; the result will be lovely!
Besides, as i had to get everything out of the walls i'm taking the opportunity to decluter a bit and have a more clean kind of look. Not that it is my favourite!; i'd rather have the usually layered look that we all love, but buyers do like a more clean asseptic declutered look. To be honest don't really know how long  i will be able to live with it! I hate when decor has no soul at all! You know the perfect designer look fitted for everybody! I WANT MY MESS DECOR BACK!!!! BUT... sacrificies need to be done if i want to sell! Oh well! ... I'll visit all your wonderful blogs filled with those gorgeous details that i love and take a deep breath!!!... :)
A wonderful day to you all!

quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

the pleasure of sharing!

Time to share this beauty!
I could obviously give it to everybody that comes through here, but it wouldn't mean that much! So i'll be sharing this ( that i got from sweet ANOUK - with:
1. LUIZA -
5. -
8. RIA -
10. MAGGIE -

Hope you all have fun checking them out! I know i did!
Happy day!

quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010


Better late than never!
The other day, when i was feeling a bit down, i got this wonderful award from a neighbour: Thanks sooooooooooooo nuch ANOUK! You made my day and it felt good to get this gorgeous award! So today's post is specially for you!
Anouk's blog not only has a great name but also covers a bit of everything! She writes about whatever she feels like: decor, feminine things, travel, spanish traditions, clothes, gardening, ... you name it! Right now she has some gorgeous clothes from a spanish designer together with great sevilhanas music - just pretty!
So... for that special feeling of finding something new and special go to her blog and check it out!

terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010


This past weeks i've been busy doing an order: some cushions and the transformation of 4 brown curtains. This is the result! The client wanted an indian feel to it. Something that would go with her living room decor, that i'm doing, and that would bring something new too. This was a project i loved doing! I love to mix shapes, textures and styles! She loved the result!; and i think they look cute!
Happy day to you all!

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


17 Years ago...
 I got married to my sweetheart! I have the feeling it was yesterday!; and although i didn't got neither the shoes nor the dress i wanted!!!, i was really happy!
Happy weekend!

quarta-feira, 14 de abril de 2010

i'm dreaming of...

It's white wednesday! I know!!... but no decor today! instead: this is one of my greatest passions!: TANGO ( no! Banderas has nothing to do with it!! I swear!!!! although he ... ...
Sadly i do not know how to dance it!; but it's one of those things i want to learn on this life!!! No way i'm leaving it to the next!!! Just need to convince my husband!!!! Any ideas ... PLEASE!!!!

terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

oh!! I love wild flowers!

I just love wild flowers! On Saturday's trip i took pictures of some of my favourites! I love everything about them!; shapes, colours, sizes... and although i'm not a great fan of yellow in a garden, i do have to say that i love it on nature! Mother Nature does have a special way of displaying colours and shapes around, doesn't she?!!! You can try!; but you'll never be able to do it the same way!!! No way you get her unique wilderness!!! I love when plants grow wild - no cuting, no resizing, no controling! That's the way i want my garden to grow! Unfortunately portugueses tend to like this so called modern clean garden!!; meaning you only have very dark green fresh cut grass and a pair of huge palm trees! I hate this tropical look that has nothing to do with our landscape or traditional gardens! Modern houses californian style on 1500qm plots with modern clean free of bugs and animals gardens! How ridiculous and boring can that be?!!!!
How can someone prefer grass and palm trees to this beauties?!...
Anyway... glad we don't all like the same stuff! Hi! Hi! Hi!
A gorgeous Tuesday to you all!