quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

dizer adeus é sempre triste / it's always sad to say goodbye

Sabermos que o meu sogro estava muito doente e que perdeu todas as suas capacidades mentais em menos de um mês, foi apenas uma das más notícias que tivemos durante o verão. Seguiram-se inúmeros tratamentos, internamentos e a descoberta de que tinha um cancro de estômago.
Tudo terminou hoje! Fiquei feliz que tenha morrido de paragem cardiaca fulminante em vez do agonizante cancro do estômago. É triste ver alguém partir, mas é melhor sabê-lo rápido e indolor.

To know that my father-in-law was really sick and lost all his mental abilities in less that a month was one of the bad news we had on the summer months. After that he was in hospital for more than a month, made several treatments and last week we were informed that he had a stomach cancer at an early stage, but nothing could be done because he was too weak. Today around midday his body just took care of it all. He died of a heart failure. I was happy that it was this way and not because of a cancer that 1st ate all his strenghs away bringing him  imense pain and suffering. It's better this way! : quick and painless!
Life was good to him ... and death too!

3 comentários:

Jacqueline disse...

Dear Rosa,
I am so sorry to hear the sad news of your father-in-law.....but, as you say, it was a merciful release.
Sending my sympathy to your husband and all of your family and I am thinking of you. XXXX

It's me disse...

O my dear Rosa...what a sad news darling.....Sending you and your husband and family lots of streingth and love, is so sad to loose a dear and hugs Ria......

Marita disse...

So sorry to hear sad news. But like you say it was better than he did'nt have to suffer with cancer that would have taken all his strengh bit by bit.
thinking of you.
Hugs ~Marita~