terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

mesa de natal / my christmas table

Esta  é a minha mesa de natal para este ano. Acho que necessito apenas de um pouco mais de velas e está feita! É bem mais simples que a do ano passado, mas, não sei porquê este ano fiquei com vontade de simplificar!...

This is my christmas table decor for this year. I used artificial snow, some candle holders from Zara and decor stuff that i had from previous christmas. I like the result although it's not as luxurious as last years'.
( can you see the brown stuff on the back?! it's my kitchen chairs!!! I do need to paint them white!)
Have a gorgeous tuesday! tomorrow it'll be a holiday for us! hurraiiiiii!!!

segunda-feira, 29 de novembro de 2010

Christmas all around...

Apenas algumas das coisas que tenho andado a fazer: argolas de guardanapos e pulseiras.

Some of the things i've been doing for Christmas: napkin rings for my christmas table (and to sell too) and some pretty bracelets to offer as christmas presents (and some to sell ). Love the way this bracelet turned out! It's made of wood and i wrote a sentence in latin using a technique i had never used before - "pirografia"; added some lace flowers and ... tcharáá!!!

Happy new week!

sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

it's goooooooooood to be back

I have promissed myself over and over that i would be back to blogland the next day!!!! As you can see that only happened today!  Sorry! for taking soo long! so many things happened since the end of august! Bad things that i'll tell you about one of this days!
On top of it all my computer went KAPUTT!! (Love this word!). Today my husband brought his from work so ... here i am!
My house is completely decorated with christmas spirit again as i bet yours' is. Promisse to show yoou photos and ... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE ALL UP TO!
Happy weekend!