segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

felicidade... / happiness...

Let me tell you that... happiness is in the blink of an eye! Stop looking! It's funny how extremes awakes us up! Beauty wouldn't be so beautiful without ugliness!; good wouldn't be that extraordinary without bad!;...
To feel miserable makes us enjoy life a little bit more! After a LONG path of sadness, unhappiness, misery a single phone call can transform everything and make you dance and laugh and want to go out and enjoy the sun and ...
That's what happened to me last Saturday!!! I do not remember the last time i had felt like dancing!!! As you know, i had to undergo another surgery. 2nd time was not easy! i had been there before, i knew what to expect!, 2nd time in 8 months is not good!
Anyway! let's just jump into the best part!!! I was told by the doctor i had to have my nose "closed" until Monday! that would be 5 LONG days breathing through my mouth! we all know the result of that!! On saturday afternoon i got THE phone call! The doctor called me and told me to meet him to get the tampons out on Sunday morning!!!! I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY! so happy that after i hanged up i danced alone singing on my living room!!! see!! ... sometimes feeling miserable pays back! That's just what it is!!! A MOMENT! A SECOND! A BLINK! A BREATH!

Take a look at it:

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Marita disse...

Glad you are feeling better now! have a good week.
Hugs ~marita~

Kom Achterom disse...

OOh i'm glad you feel better.
It was a time ago that i see your blog and i don't now way. Now Your bag. What a nice photo so beautiful the butterflay. Here it is ilness to. My husband is ill and it takes a lot of strange to get better,
I wish you a lot of strange and happynes and i'm glad i found your blog again it is taking me up!!
Hugs Yolanda

It's me disse...

Hi darling.......i am so glad everythings goes better now....i don't understand...i send you two times a mail....and leave comments on you blog....but i do not hear anything of you....i was so worried about i am glad your post something........happy week Ria.....

erin disse...

oh dear one, i am just catching up with your posts and did not realize of your surguries!! i am so sorry and am sending healing positive vibes your way!! i'm glad to hear you found the reason to DANCE!!
take care, sweety!

Saskia disse...

I am glad everythings goes better now.
I wish you a nice week.
Greetings Saskia

Sylvia disse...

Glad you're feeling better now and happy again, Rosa !
Nice week,

Jacqueline disse...

Dear Rosa,
I'm so sorry that I haven't commented for a while....I can never seem to get into your blog !! I was so frustrated as I wanted to wish you well with your surgery and I knew that you were worried and I wanted to show my support and just couldn't make blogger work !! Does that ever happen to you ? It is so annoying !!!!
Anyway, I'm so pleased that your surgery is over and that you are feeling a lot happier.
Now, you can enjoy the rest of the summer. Lots of love to you and, if you don't hear from me, it's because I can't get in !! XXXX

BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour Rosa,
I did not know you had surgery. I am glad to hear you are doing better now, and received good news. Sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery!
Keep dancing!!

Luiza disse...

I´m so happy for you!!!!
I know, breathing through the mouth is not easy...
And you´re so right about life...
It can turn from happiness to sadness, in just a moment or the other way around =)!
I´m glad it went to the better for you!

Really beautiful photo =)!

have a lovely weekend!