quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

bom wk / happy wk

Esta semana já consegui fazer parte de uma encomenda que tinha! Esta é apenas uma das 6 almofadas que fiz. A pessoa adorou! e eu fiquei feliz por ela ter gostado.

This week i was already able to work on an order i had to do. This is one of the 6 cushions i had to do. Loved the result specially because the client loved it too.
I'm getting much better now!
Hope you all have been having a gorgeous summer!

segunda-feira, 9 de agosto de 2010

felicidade... / happiness...

Let me tell you that... happiness is in the blink of an eye! Stop looking! It's funny how extremes awakes us up! Beauty wouldn't be so beautiful without ugliness!; good wouldn't be that extraordinary without bad!;...
To feel miserable makes us enjoy life a little bit more! After a LONG path of sadness, unhappiness, misery a single phone call can transform everything and make you dance and laugh and want to go out and enjoy the sun and ...
That's what happened to me last Saturday!!! I do not remember the last time i had felt like dancing!!! As you know, i had to undergo another surgery. 2nd time was not easy! i had been there before, i knew what to expect!, 2nd time in 8 months is not good!
Anyway! let's just jump into the best part!!! I was told by the doctor i had to have my nose "closed" until Monday! that would be 5 LONG days breathing through my mouth! we all know the result of that!! On saturday afternoon i got THE phone call! The doctor called me and told me to meet him to get the tampons out on Sunday morning!!!! I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY! so happy that after i hanged up i danced alone singing on my living room!!! see!! ... sometimes feeling miserable pays back! That's just what it is!!! A MOMENT! A SECOND! A BLINK! A BREATH!

Take a look at it:

terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

what's being on...

Noticias! Tenho trabalhado em algumas encomendas, aproveitado o jardim e o Verão e preparado tudo para a operação a que serei submetida amanhã.

It has been a long  time since i posted! To be honest i have been feeling a bit down! Anyway!...
I've been working on some cushion orders, enjoying summer, going to the beach and swimming pool, gardening and cooking,... last week my husband had his birthday so i prepared a small dinner "al fresco". This week i have been getting everything ready at home: ironing, cleaning, cooking, ... so the next days are not too stressful for my husband. Tomorrow i'll have my 2nd surgery and i'm scared as hell! Just hope everything ends up ok.
Sorry for not visiting you or commenting on your blogs, but i just can't do it when i'm sad. Just hope all dark clouds go away after the surgery!