sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

os meus dias / my days

Aqui está! Os meus dias têm sido assim! Entre a praia, a piscina, os lanches, os jogos e os amigos do meu filho, não paro um segundo! Para eles tem sido o máximo!!! Quem me dera ser criança outra vez!!!

Here it is! I'm spending my days on the beach, in the swimming pool, making ice creams, and snacks, playing with my children and having my son´s friends at home. I have no time to rest at all, but they are so happy and enjoying these long summer holidays! I do sometimes wish i could be a child again for a couple of hours!! Hi! Hi! :)
Happy sunny weekend!

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Annika disse...

Enjoy, the pool looks nice :) I have 2 days left at my vacation. We have lovely wheather it's like being abroad like spain or greece. You lived in Portugal? I have been there too for many years ago.
Have a nice day, hugs

It's me disse...

Hell Rosa.............great swimmingpool !! enjoy your summertime......loev Ria.....

Luiza disse...

Wouldn´t it be wonderful to turn back time, just to become a child again?
Having looong vacarions from school, having fun...
Those were the days.

I´m glad you´re enjoying too, even if you don´t have time to relax all time =)!

Have a lovely weekend!

Jacqueline disse...

Hi Rosa,
Sorry for my absence but I have been staying with my sister whilst our husbands were in LeMans in France. I am finding it very hard to catch up with my commenting !!
It looks as if you and your family have been having a great time in the sun and your children look so happy in the pool.
Hope that I can get back on track with my commenting soon. XXXX

Linda disse...

What a lovely summer!
Enjoy them while they are little...

Rostrose disse...

Oh sweetheart, how would I like to have a swimming-pool, too! It was much too hot in Austria the last weeks. So sorry that I had not enough time to leave a comment for such a long time, but now I am here again to wish you and your family a wonderful new week! Big hugs, Traude :o)

Flaviana disse...

Rosa darling
oh I so envy you!!!! I can see you had the most fabulous weekend and..what a lovely swimming pool you have, lucky lady :-)

Mademoiselle Poirot disse...

What a lovely way to spend your days and that swimming pool looks very inviting ;-) Love from London x

GlossinDreams disse...

Olá linda:)
Passa no meu blog. Tenho um miminho para ti:D

BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour Rosa,
Looks like a perfect summer adtenoon - sweet kids. Sorry I have gotten behind in my visits to blog friends. I should be back on schedule.
Hope all is well with you!
Bon week,

BonjourRomance disse...

Hello again Rosa,
I need to ask, did you send me an email requesting more info regarding the online magazine a few weeks ago. I cannot seem to find your email, and I just now thought of it - I don't think I answered. Forgive me. Please email me again when you have a chance my friend.
Thank you so much,