segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

olhar sobre o jardim / morning light on my garden

Algumas photos do meu jardim (parte de trás). Podem ver o meu local de descanso junto da piscina, o "solário",  parte da vista sobre a casa, os meus lagos com uma ponte que o meu marido fez! ´É a minha parte preferida!

Some photos of my garden ( part of the backyard): This is my favourite spot to rest. It's close to the swimming pool and it overlooks the whole garden, the pinetree field, the house and back porch. Besides sitting there you can here the water feature of the pond and you have a view on both ponds and the bridge that my husband built. Isn't it gorgeous?!!
On the next post i'll show you our "woods", our fuit trees (that already have peaches, plums and figs) and my son's tree house (also built by my husband).
Hope you like it! Happy new wk!

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Annika disse...

Oh, this look like paradise to me. I have a dream that someday have a house abroard, until I get that, if I get a house I enjoying your pictures :)
Have a nice day!

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Rosa, what a beautiful pictures of the morningsun and how cozy is that daybed. And wauw....a swimmingpool, what a luxery and how nice to swim on a warm summerday.
I wish you a wonderful week.
Warm wishes, Mea

travellers disse...

Dear Rosa, it's so wonderful .. I am feeling it's an island of peace and love. You must not move to another place in your life - you have really the best. What a loveley daybed :-) Have a nice summerday, its raining here. Hugs Monika

It's me disse...

Of course we like it !!! so beautiful garden you have !!! and that bed !!!! so cozy and cute !!!! i like that..............have a happy garden time today !!! hugs from me......and i wish you a happy sunny week !!!

Carolina Zumsteind - Gabriel Wuhler disse...

Soooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!! I really like your place, it seems you are living in heaven....Hugs Caro

~*~ saskia ~*~ disse...

Oh my, your garden, daybed, swimming pool, house, flowers, everything is amazing, Rosa. What beautiful home you have!
Wishing you a lovely evening and a great great

Luiza disse...

I really adore your garden , Rosa.
It´s so beautiful!!! I know I said it before, but it´s true.

Can´t wait to see the rest of it in your next post.

Your husband is really a handy guy =).

Have a wonderful evening!

Carola Zajdman disse...

This place is so great, like heaven ??

Rosabella disse...

oh, it' s so beautiful ... morning light ... I like it very much ♥

Mademoiselle Poirot disse...

Oh Rosa, you live in a dream place and that daybed is just so beautiful. Thanks for your lovely comment the other day, I really appreciate you taking an interest and the time to write. Love from London x

Bonjade disse...

Oh such a lovely garden you have....
A lovely place to relax and a cool swimming pool.....oh it must feel all time if you are on vacation.
Nice summer

Aninha disse...

Estou encantada com seu blog. Por isso me tornei seguidora.
Aproveito para agradecer-lhe a visita que fizestes ao meu blog.
Obrigada pelas palavras tão gentis e sinceras.
Eu sou uma apaixonada pela natureza. Uma elemental.