terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

a minha casa a descoberto! / tour my garden

Como estou a tentar vender a casa decidi criar um blog que permita às pessoas fazerem um tour pela casa. Ainda não está completo mas chegará lá!!! Por agora se gostariam de conhecer o meu jardim cusquem AQUI:

As i'm trying to sell the house i've decided to create a blog wich will allow people to tour the whole house and garden. It's not finished yet, but i guess it will be by the end of the week. I'll show everything!
For now if you would like to take a peek at the major part of my garden look HERE:

So sorry! no comments will be allowed there, so please do come here if you would like to leave me some words! It would made me happy for sure!

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Luiza disse...

Oh, Rosa....I wonder , why you have such a hard time selling that beautiful house... It´s simly gorgeous.
I guess people are on their vacation, so you just wait and see. You´ll sell it.

I´m off to see your "houseblog" =).

Have a wonderful evening, sweet Rosa.

travellers disse...

Rosa !! Why do you want selling this wonderful place???? I am sure it will not be easy to find another house like this fascinating place. I'll keep my fingers crossed - but I am sure you will find a family feeling the spirit and paying a good price.
Wish you the best and will follow up your houseblog as well. Hugs Monika

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Why are you moving Rose? It's such a beautiful home!!!!

Carola Zajdman disse...

This is so geogeus, like it so much !!

Rostrose disse...

Hello, dearest Rosa, I was walking through your house, too, yes, it's a really pretty place - is it too small for you and your family? I cross my fingers that everything goes the best way!!!
Hugs to you - Traude
PS: You asked me if my friends liked Portugal - oh yes, of course they did! Theay said it was wonderful and very interesting - but a bit stressfull (it was a tour with a very busy programm, so no time to relax...) This weekend we will visit them and i hope they will show us lots of pretty Portugal-photos! :o)