quarta-feira, 5 de maio de 2010

my entrance - before/after (right part)

Here they are!!: photos of my entrance decor redo!! A more clean look to it (i think?!)
2nd photo - how it was
3rd photo - how it was during christmas time
4th photo - how it looks right now
The after photos are only from the right side of it! What do you think?! Which one was best?!
Anyway ... love the contrast with the now white walls
Happy wednesday!

9 comentários:

maren disse...

Thats looks very nice... a very warm welcome.
i like most the sixt picture from above!
lots of greetings from maren

Saskia disse...

Beautiful entrance, to fall in love.
Another good day.
Greetings Saskia

Bonjade disse...

It looks like a real welcome to me.
A house full of love........
Looks like a fairy tail.
Nice evening

Kom Achterom disse...

It is verry nice
I love the clean and whit walls and i wil ring on your bell and drink a cup of tea with you With a verry big choclate muffin.
Have a nice week with lots of visite

It's me disse...

Hello i like how it is now !! beautiful done !!

Nice music !! so me........!!

And your quote !!! well done !!! it is so true!!

Enjoy enjoy !! that;s my spririt of live !!

Hugs from Ria

Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa - it WAS beautiful - but now it IS gorgeous, great, super-pretty!!! You did a wonderful job!!! Lots of hugs, Traude

Luiza disse...

Wow, Rosa!
It´s beautiful!!!! Before was beautiful but this is better.
And making a change is always a good thing...

Rosa, thank you for sharing the story with me. I will never give up hope, even though I will stop long before I turn 45... I won´t make it so far, it´s to hurtful.
But I have many years left =). And I know life has a meaning, so it will be what it´s meant to be.

Thank you!
Your support means so much to me.


BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour Rosa,
Your entry looked good before but now it looks fabulous. Very welcoming and pretty.
Hope you're having a good day,

Mademoiselle Poirot disse...

Hi Rosa, your entry look really beautiful and I love all the little details...shame I can't do this here in London, all those pretty things would probably be gone within less than an hour... :-( Love from London x