quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

I'm in love with...

I've been in love with the idea... of doing more and more stuff at home, in what food is concerned! My ultimate goal is to produce my own vegetables, fruits, eggs and milk! For that i do need, as you all know, to sell this house and move into a much bigger space - but that's another story!!!!
Meanwhile... i've been doing more and more!!! I usually tell my friends (jocking, but not so much!!), that one of these days i'll go to the supermarket and will bring only raw materials!!!! It's impossible not to fall in love with this idea!!!; and in a time, when everybody is buying Nespressos , because it's cleaner, easier, more modern or because of Cloney (HI! HI!); i'm moving back!!!! I hate the idea of having it all in a single extremely clean machine!!! I love the softness of the fresh crashed coffee beans (and yes!; i also do that!!!); the texture of the coffee powder and the whole process of making a coffee traditional way!!! OHH!!! the smell of the whole thing!!!
OH! GOD! I suddendly realized!!!::: :( are those signs of old age?!?!?! Ups!
Who cares?! So what?!?! Here are some of the things i've been doing more and more often at home: cookies - i never buy them at the smarket for about 4/5 years now; and to be honest, nobody wants the smarket ones at home!!!! ; We have a winner!!!;
bread - never buy it too for about 5 years too; besides cooking it at home allows me to eat bread from all over the world instead of having always the same tastes on the table! ; another winner!!!;
and now the newest ones:
yogurt and butter!!!
Made at home they turn into gourmet delicatesses! I love the versatility of  the process! I can make them any taste any kind any looks!!! Isn't that great?! On the photos you can see yogurt with pineapple jam (homemade obviously!); and fresh butter with chives. The taste?! - speecheless!! and the best of all! sooooo easy to do!
Today i'll try something new to me! I already knew this thing for thousands of years, but it's extremely rare to find it in Portugal! Curious?! I'll show it on my next post!
Have a gorgeous day!

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travellers disse...

Your are totally on the right way - wonderful! We are moving to Australia end of June and in our new life I am planning to do it like you do. Not to go to the supermarket to buy imported food from all over the world. No, we are planning to take the offers of nature .. back to the roots. Kind regards, Monika

It's me disse...

Hello ....we don't sell seeds .but when you can't find them in Portugal..........i will look her for it !! please tell me...

We also make home made bread but no cookies................yummie that yogurt !! but i made our own herbbutter ! too..........I'm curious about your new development !!

We keep one gardenbook for you ! thanks for ordering !!!

I look forward to your next post............

Happy day...hugs from Ria

vita drömmar och svarta tassar disse...

It sounds like a good idea!!
lovely photo!!
Have a nice day!!
Hugs wivi

ale disse...

dear rosa!!! is fanatastic and also funfuntastic to make all these homely food!!and you can feel so happy!!l make bread and scons always also...isbeautifull and very very important to rescue values of the people before like this is one value and look how beautifull is that your kids look to you and have this moments in their heart!!!continue enjoying the life...with this joy you have!!!!!!muchiiiisimos besos rosa!!!!!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Oi Rosa! I totally get you! I must be getting old too!!!

Saskia disse...

Next week I post more pictures of the pond.
The Buddha gives peace in the garden .This we have received from our youngest son.
Enjoy your evening, Greetings


donna baker disse...

I love Burt Bacharac. Your diet sound wonderful.