terça-feira, 18 de maio de 2010

disseram-me que.../ i've been told...

Ontem, numa visita à casa disseram-me que a minha casa era, em termos de decoração, parecida com a casa de Donna Karan! Eu disse:" karan quem?!". Desculpem-me os entendidos da moda, mas não me diz absolutamente nada!!! Mesmo assim, o bichinho ficou cá, e acabei dando uam espreitadela! Estas fotos são o que encontrei! Assim que abri a 1ª pensei:" quem me dera!!" Mas pronto! Talvez o feeling seja mesmo! Não sei! "NAAAAA me parece!!!"

Yesterday on a visit to the house, a lady told me my house looked like Donna Karan's house (that she had seen on a magazine)! I opened my eyes wide and said:" Karan who?!?!" Sorry!!!, but rang no bells at all! I'm not into fashion and most of the times don't know any of the names from the runaway!!!! ok!, apart from some of the big ones! I said i had never found anyone with the same decor style so i was really curious! ... and proud! the lady said my house made people dream and looked as a fantasy world!
Anyway... curiosity was there and i decided to check and be a little less ignorant in what VIPS are concerned! OK! I confess!!!! I hate this so called "pink" magazines that live upon THE vips' lives!... ...
After surfing on the net found out who Donna Karan is and these were the photos i was able to find! I can see some things i would defenitely have in my own house, but i wish mine was like that! Look at the view!!!, and the details!!! and the space!!! ok! ok! maybe on my next life!!!!! :)

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Saskia disse...

What a beautiful house, just a dream.
What a view.
I just dream on, beautiful photos
Another good day, greetings Saskia

travellers disse...

How beautiful, what a house , what a view - I just dream on - hopefully I will find such a place at WA. Good night, Monika

It's me disse...

Dream on babe.........and if people says is a compliment dear..............!!!

Your hous must be great !!!

Because you are a great woman !! hugs from me..........bye!

Tânia regina Contreiras disse...

Beleza também não falta aqui!!! Obrigada pela visita à Casa da Imaginação. Esta casa é ampla, bela e acolhedora. A casa somos nós, não é? rs


Mademoiselle Poirot disse...

Bom dia Rosa, what a cool compliment! That house looks stunning and I'm sure your house looks gorgeous too - it has to if it's being compared to that one ;-) Love from London x

jade disse...

Oh, what a wonderful place, dear Rosa.....would like to be it is sooo cold and raining all day long :((! Have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs Jade

Love the music on your blog!!!!!!