segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

antes que chovesse!/ before it rained!

Decidi tornar o meu blog bilingue!(p'ra já! e p´ra sempre!). Afinal de contas sempre é a língua de Camões, e apesar de a falarmos todos os dias materializa-la em letrinhas tem sempre outra graça!; por isso.... aqui está!

6ª feira! Notícias de chuva para o fim-de-semana!!!! O quê?!?! Agarrei na máquina e, antes que o São Pedro desse o ar da sua graça, tirei umas fotos da nossa area de pequeno almoço e do "revampe" que levou depois da pintura da casa! Aqui vai mais um antes/depois de uma parte da zona! Muitos detalhes! Apontamentos completamente portugueses que adoro! uma mistura de coisas!; que afinal é-me difícil viver minimalisticamente! Não quero saber de modas ou medidas ou "designerices"! è o meu estilo na minha casa! espero que gostem!

No! You're not mistaken! It's not the wrong blog! I just decided to write in my own language too! After all it's only the 5th most spoken language in the world!
On Friday weather men said we would have rain for the weekend, so... before it rained i grabbed my kamera and took some shots of our breakfast area after the "facelift". Look at the mess on the 2nd picture! that was after painting was done! After that it was all so full of details! No minimalism! Can't do it! No clean look! ; not on my house! I'm sure i could do it on someone's place, but... have to be honest! can't live with it! So... this was the result!; a mixture of things i love! No fixed decor style! can't say i have one! As you can see, i also have some unique portuguese details, like the pilled old azulejos; - just love to have them this way!
Happy new week!

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helle - disse...

Lovely breakfast space you have outside, fine photos!

Have a nice week!


It's me disse...

O rosa.....your garden is so beautiful !!!...i like your pictures!!

Have a great i hope sunny week....there is no sun here either............hugs from Ria

Jacqueline disse...

Oh, it all looks perfect, Rosa. I don't have time for minimalism either. I love all of your bits and pieces. The birdcages look great and, I love the tiles.... I'm sure that it looked just as good after the rain !! XXXX

Carola Zajdman disse...

What a lovely blog, so calm and your songs are so sweet !! thanks a lot !!

Bonjade disse...

Love the atmosphere in your garden.....and love your flower-frog.....
Nice day

Kom Achterom disse...

What a verry nice garden and lovely treasures !!!
OOh i dont clean eather. It is not me!!!
My credo is: much off the same gives rest!!!
i love more and more and more!!
I wish you a verry nice week

Luiza disse...

I love your garden. Honestly, it´s gorgeous!
I would so love to sit there with you and drink a cup of coffee and eat a nice cake.

Have a wonderful evening, Rosa!

Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa, I think it is a wonderful idea to write in Portuguese language, too! (I like to write in English, but I couldn't write my blog ONLY in English language...)
Thanks for your gorgeous garden-photos! It is perfect pretty "Rosa-Style"! It wouldn't be YOU if wo would try a minimalim-style. You have lots of things which are important and beautiful for you, and it would be a pitty if you wouldn't use them for decoration! :o)
Warm hugs to you, Traude