terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

a 1ª vez / first time ever

Aqui está! Conheço-o hà décadas, mas nunca o encontrei em lado nenhum! Por isso, qual não foi o meu espanto quando, na semana passada, o encontrei no Pingo Doce! Comprei todo o que lá estava, claro está!_(também não era muito!) A novidade era tanta que nem as senhoras da caixa o conheciam e acabaram por perguntar para que servia?! Lá lhes disse!; mas o sabor não se explica!; por isso e, depois de umas tantas pesquisadelas aqui está um dos resultados!; -- BOLO DE RUIBARBO! Que delícia!!!
Aqui encontram a receitinha:

Here it is!!! Remember that on a last week's post i was so excited because i found something i've known for ages but have never tried?! Here is the one RHUBARB! I know, i know!!! For most of you it is probably the most common thing!; but here it is soooooooooooo rare and difficult to find! So rare that at the supermarket noone knew what it was and how you could use it?! I explained the basics when asked, but the taste?!; well!!!... one has to try it! I knew it from the time we lived in London, but haven't put my eyes or fork on it since then!!!
So... our breakfast was so special today! we had cappuccino with rhubarb cake!! Hummmmmm!!! Delicious!! If you have no problem finding it try do this recipe! Promisse you won't regret! Click here:
Sweet tuesday!

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Marita disse...

I love rhubarb.
looks soo yummy your cake. I want to bake something soon!
have a nice day!

travellers disse...

Hi Rosa - I am visiting your Blog every day :-) loving your pictures and feelings. I am really happy about your comment and wishes and that I found you in www :-) a wonderful woman who loves same things, musics ("my way" from Franky Boy is my favorite since I was 15!,nature and the way back to basics. WE are not crazy - the others are!!! destroying our world.
Have a wonderful time and let's keep in touch. Monika

It's me disse...

Yummie yummie.......that looks very is a shame that you iive so far away.......because otherwise i come over to you and drink a cappucino with cake of course..........happy evening........will you mail me ??

Hugs from Ria........

Villa König disse...

I love rhubarb. Thanks for the recipe, I always like to try something new. :-) Hugs Yvonne

Krista disse...

How awesome! Did you like it?

Rhubarb grows wild where I live, you can find it growing in the ditches. Pick some and bake it up! :o)

I love your blog, and always read it in google reader. It is difficult for me to comment though, because there are so many beautiful things on your blog, it takes forever to load with my connection. At home I usually can't see anything on your blog (except through google reader)... anyway I just wanted to let you know that this is why I rarely comment. I always read you though, and ALWAYS enjoy your lovely posts!

inka en andre disse...

Hello Rosa,

How nice that you took a visit to one of our blog.
We have also another blog
Our backyard is still at a beginner stage but has been immediately followed nice.
We become your wonder full blog and will ofter come one visit.

Gr Inka and Andre

Sylvia disse...

That rhubarb cake looks delicious !
I didn't know it is difficult to find it at your supermarkets.
I have rhubarb in my garden !
Nice week,