quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

white wednesday - garden colours

Here are some photos from my garden to cheer you up and bring you a bit of our spring!
My garden is made in groups of plants. Meaning: you can find places with a bunch of lavender; rosmanin; pomegranates; hebes; ... so when it flowerishes we have a blust of colour here and there. It is also planed in a way that we always have something with flowers here and there even during winter! When we don't have flowers we have fruits such as the pomegranates. It is a wonderful garden in an english/mediterranean style. On my garden you can only find 4colours: white, soft lavender; soft purple and very soft orange. Any other colour is done only on planters. It was a great idea to have done it this way because all colours go together and the ones that flowerish at the same time make a gradative show of colour such as the ones we have right now.
The orange ones come out only in autumn together with berries and give you that perfect autumn feeling.
Although it's a quite small garden ( around 1000m2) it is very rich on plant varieties and fruit trees. I love it and if i do get the chance to sell the house and build another one i will follow the same design structure only adding more group plants and having it on a larger scale!; but... that is still a dream for now!!! I haven't lost hope, however and keep my fingers crossed!!!! hoping to sell it this summer!... You know what is said!: "hope is the last thing to die!"...
I'll try to post my garden design structure on next post so you get the whole picture!!!
Happy wednesday!

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Ullakon Aarteet disse...

My heart bounces... Your garden looks so gorgeous. Love all the flowers and trees in blossom as we have just melting snow, water flooding all over the garden, only good imagination helps to figure out that maybe in a couple of months I can photograph our garden, too !
It is always such a joy to visit your blog !
Warm regards !

It's me disse...

Woww rosa.....................what a beautiful garden you have...........!! i enjoy it !!

I 'am sitting outside right now with the computer on the garden table................the weather is so good today here..........i enjoy !! reading all the post...........but now i must cook...............dinner for two.........have a nice evening !! hugs from me..........

Les Cotrions disse...

Waw Rosa! Your garden looks fantastic! Love your choice of colours and the fact you have always something with flowers!!! You say small 1000mq??? You've never seen mine!!! So little!!!
Enjoy this triumph of flowers!

Brabourne Farm disse...

Your garden looks fabulous - love all the gorgeous white flowers. Leigh

Peonies & Magnolias disse...

Your garden is so beautiful and I've loved walking through it. Have a wonderful weekend.


Rianne disse...

Your garden is really great. I only have a little garden in here in the city. I have to admit, it's still full of weed . Maybe I can change that this weekend....

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Rosa, You cheer up my day, what a beautiful photo's of your garden. Ohhh spring is really in the air, here in Holland we have also such a sunny days, I'am outdoor in the garden.
I wish you also many sunny days.
Warm regards, Mea

Vitt hus med svarta knutar disse...

Hi Rosa!
Thank you for visiting me. You have a beautiful garden and I see that spring has come much further in Portugal, than in Sweden. We have still snow.

Have a nice Friday and a creative weekend!

Cindy Geilmann disse...

Hello my sweet Rosa, I just stopped by to tell you that I am going to have another drawing for my 60th followers. Check back with me next Saturday.


Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

What a beautiful garden you have and I loved seeing all your gorgeous flowers and plants.
Glad that Spring has arrived there and thanks for sharing.

Happy weekend

Jacqueline disse...

Dear Rosa,
Your garden is a picture. I just love white in the garden. I try to have lots of green and variagated shrubs, white, lavender and very pale pink.
I think that you are a very good gardener.
I am so sorry if I don't comment often but I do try. I have a lot of difficulty getting my comments to post on your blog. Let's hope that it works this time !
How are you feeling now after your operation ? Are you lots better ? I hope so.
Have a lovely weekend, Rosa. XXXX