segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

so this was easter!!!

Here they are! The photos from our easter! It was a sunny but cold day!
My children looked for chocolate eggs in the garden and ate as much chocolate as they felt! In fact it's the only day in the whole year in which they can eat all the chocolate they want!!! They are always anxious, but end up not eating that much!!!! You know!! The story of the forbidden fruit is completely true!
Here they are looking for the eggs!; and then eating them on a sunny spot! Don't they look sweet?!
How was your easter!!! Loads of chocolate too?! Were you also "chocolateaolic"?!!
Happy easter Monday!

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BonjourRomance disse...

Looks like the kids had alot of Easter fun, and the chocolate overload is the best part!
Have a great week!

It's me disse...

O so cute your kids!!!.........we have a brunch by was very nice!

And now we go to mum and doing some house work tomorrow we must work again..........enjoy !! hugs from me.........

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Rosa, what a sweet children you have and so nice to look for the eastereggs. Your eastertable look beautiful. I also like choclat eggs to much haha. But tomorrow there is nomore candy for me, cause I will loose some weight (eastercandyweight hihi)
I wish you a nice Eastermonday.
Lovely greetings, Mea

AlessandraLace disse...

hello, happy Easter to you, even if I am a bit late. thank you for your nice pillow, I love it. hugs

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Hello, dear Rosa,
you have so sweet children. You have had absolutely completely a lot of fun with the egg look.
Wonderful Easter Monday to you and your family,

Luiza disse...

First of all, your eggs are beautiful!!!

Now, what fun for your kids too look after easter chocolate in the garden, hehe.
Really nice done!

They look very sweet , sitting there in the sun =).

My easter has been filled with joy, happiness , love and lots of chocolate & candy!!!
Mmmm, nice! Today I´m going to my mom for dinner. I´m bringing her some homemade , fresh muffins!

Have a nice day!

Lisa Libelle disse...

Hello Rosa! I hope you have a happy Easter. Wonderful the pictures with the shabby-vintage Eggs! I send you a big hug from Switzerland, Lovelly Lisa Libelle

Amy disse...

how sweet!

Madelief disse...

Dear Rosa,

So good to see you all enjoyed Easter.....and such lovely weather! I am a bit jealous. We had rain with Easter :-(

Enjoy you new week! Lieve groet, Madelief

~*~ saskia ~*~ disse...

Great Easter post, Rosa! Your kids are beauties! And your eggs are adorable!!

Have a happy new week! xo

erin disse...

it looks as if you had a wonderful easter! i miss having small children around during the holidays...happy spring to you!

Les Cotrions disse...

You seem to have had a very special Easter Rosa! Your children are wonderful and I adore chocolate!
Happy new week!

Guttemamma disse...

Tehy look VERY sweet!! Nice pictures from your easter celebration!!
Hugs from Norway

Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa! First I want to say thank you because of your nice Easter-wishes and also thanks for your wonderful description (how to renovate a chair)!!! This made me happy - I think I can do it now :o) (but first I have to find some good fabric (nature-linnen or toile de jouy? We will see!).
Your Easter-photos are gorgeous - seems like all of you had a happy day. Your children are so sweet and pretty - a wonderful family!
I send lots of warm & sweet pring-hugs to you, Rosa!
See you, Traude