terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

oh!! I love wild flowers!

I just love wild flowers! On Saturday's trip i took pictures of some of my favourites! I love everything about them!; shapes, colours, sizes... and although i'm not a great fan of yellow in a garden, i do have to say that i love it on nature! Mother Nature does have a special way of displaying colours and shapes around, doesn't she?!!! You can try!; but you'll never be able to do it the same way!!! No way you get her unique wilderness!!! I love when plants grow wild - no cuting, no resizing, no controling! That's the way i want my garden to grow! Unfortunately portugueses tend to like this so called modern clean garden!!; meaning you only have very dark green fresh cut grass and a pair of huge palm trees! I hate this tropical look that has nothing to do with our landscape or traditional gardens! Modern houses californian style on 1500qm plots with modern clean free of bugs and animals gardens! How ridiculous and boring can that be?!!!!
How can someone prefer grass and palm trees to this beauties?!...
Anyway... glad we don't all like the same stuff! Hi! Hi! Hi!
A gorgeous Tuesday to you all!

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Villa König disse...

Lovely spring pictures! I also love the nature a lot! It has a special look which you can't find in a garden.:-) Hugs Yvonne


Wow, its just so lovely. Have a nice day:))

me and alice disse...

Hello dearest Bikim!!
I also love wild flowers... Yours are just lovely!!!
Have a wonderful day in your beautiful country!
Susanne XOXO

BellaRosa disse...

Rosa amor, I truly love wild flowers too, that is one of the best memories I have of growing up with my dad, he took us to the mountains every year in the spring for vacation and I remember all the beautiful colors of the rolling hills, they looked like colored blankets in whites, yellows, reds, purples and blues...and then as you got closer you could make out acres of flowers and the smell...amazing :) I miss that as much as I miss him :) Thank you for reminding me of that! Amor, I actually live in So. California :) But I think I am one of the lucky ones, I live in a 1916 house with a HUGE yard, garden is overgrown...incl..the weeds :) But I love it, just like I love seeing pictures of your beautiful town that you showed in your last post :) I have missed alot visiting, but now, with my girls back in school after Spring break, I finally have sometime to catch up :) Thank you for your lovely visit to my lil blog :) your comments always make me smile Rosa :) I hope you have a beautiful week and so sorry for the LONG comment :) Besos, Rose

It's me disse...

I love wild flowers too.........i love all the's my job!! hahahhah!! beautiful pictures Rosa..............have a good evening....did you get my mail??? hugs from me my dear !!

Mitt hvite hus disse...

Beautiful flowers.... i love the spring... see the nature wake up..


Hugs Kerstin

Luiza disse...

I dream t have a wildflower garden, but I would have to make one, and you´re right, I´ll never get it the way mother nature looks...
Your images are wonderful. And as usual , your music too =).
I love comming here , listen to it, and watching your images, reading the texts...

Have a wonderful evening, my friend!

Guttemamma disse...

Hi Rosa!!'s easy to see that you live in a warmer country than mine...We have to wait a while for such lovely wild flowers..
hugs from Anette

envilsenloppa disse...

Nature is really something , unbeliveable !
And lucky for us as you say that we humans don´t like the same things .
Can you imagine how i would be ;-)
Have a nice week !
By the way did you read my post about you ?
Lot´s of love /Lotta

Theresa disse...

Hello Rosa!
Thanks for Yours sweet words on my blog.
I love beautiful things in homes and gardens, but the most i love Provence where i spend every hollidays in my life, this sun and old cities are wery special for my.
Thanks for Your beautiful blog where is most sun :)
Have a nice day!

Baijeritar disse...

Oh, Dear Rosa!

It is so beautiful in there! I also love flowers! The weather seems to be there so much better than in here: we have rain, rain and once again rain :(

I hope you are feeleng well!

Please, take care!


Cottage Garden disse...

Dear Rosa

I love wild flowers too and going on summer walks, I always look forward to June which I think is the best month for flowers in the UK. Your garden photos are lovely and what a good idea to limit the colour palette - saves all those clashing colours in high summer!

Hope you are feeling much better now.

Jeanne x