segunda-feira, 12 de abril de 2010

isn't it gorgeous?! (a problem never comes alone!)

On saturday we went to Montemor-o Novo! I love this place! You drive 100km and you're on countryside with gorgeous landscape, sheeps, no city noise, with nice people that still always say "hello"; "good afternoon"; "how are you?" to strangers! People that greet you with a smile and welcome you to their land! People that still care for traditions, typical shops and culture; good food and peace. I want to live here!
The countryside is coming to spring explosion before a dry and hot summer begins! Spring was not on it's complete boom but it was already gorgeous! So many wild beautiful flowers everywhere! Here are some snap shots! Maybe you feel like coming here one of these days and check it by yourself?!!!!
Anyway... it really felt good to get out!!! I've been feeling a bit depressed, for about a month now and don't really know why. I went to the doctor and he gave me something to get over it! I don't think it's working!!! On saturday the doctor that did my surgery called me there!! I was supposed to go there only in June!! I thought: " ok it's june and i haven't noticed!!", but my heart bumped! You know when you get that sudden feeling of prepare yourself?!!!! That was it!! During the surgery he took a piece out and sent it to analysis! The results are here: apparentely before a cancer turns into a cancer it follows 4 or 5 steps. I'm half way there and will need to be checked from time to time!!!! "Ok! bad news!!!!" I thought!!! Then i said: " from time to time?! what do you mean?!" He said: "every 3 MONTHS"!
That was a bit of a shock! I thought worst part was already gone and suddendly i need to be checked every 3 months!!!! On the way to Montemor-o-Novo only question in my head was: "how fast can this grow and change into my worst nightmare?!" My husband keeps on telling me that i'll get used to it as i got used to the high probability of having colon cancer one day! I keep thinking how am i going to live with a dark cloud over my head every 3 months! I keep thinking that although i know there are people with far worst problems, i have a bit of enough!!!!! Asthma!; an intestin chronic disease (with a high probability of turning into cancer) and now THIS!
So sorry i'm just depressed!
May Your days be happier!

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It's me disse...

O my dear dear Rosa...what a bad news!!

i hope you wil see the sun shining from time to time............and hope you feel soon better !!

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You can also mail me through the webshop..............take care !! i hope you feeling better soon...............i wish i could help you my dear !!! mail me !!

have a good day......sun is shining you know..................hugs from me....bye! xxxxxx

maren disse...

Let me send you a big hug and let me tell you, that i wish you all the best and just good news in future! i will keep my fingers crossed for you!

~*~ saskia ~*~ disse...

Hi Rosa, how I loved the tour! Such lovely pictures of all the flowers! Spring is great, isn't it!!

Have a happy Monday and a great week! xoxo