terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

decor sacrifices...

Here are some photos on my actual kitchen table decor. Can't show you the whole thing because it's not completely done. I've been having a blank in what decor is concerned! I guess that it happens when i feel a bit down. I promisse i'll show it all ! Hi! Hi!
Meanwhile... my house is a complete mess! It's being painted! It absolutely needed it! The old paint was 10 years old and it was time to freshen it up! It was painted in a very soft shade of pink and it's actually being painted in what they call "ice white"; the result will be lovely!
Besides, as i had to get everything out of the walls i'm taking the opportunity to decluter a bit and have a more clean kind of look. Not that it is my favourite!; i'd rather have the usually layered look that we all love, but buyers do like a more clean asseptic declutered look. To be honest don't really know how long  i will be able to live with it! I hate when decor has no soul at all! You know the perfect designer look fitted for everybody! I WANT MY MESS DECOR BACK!!!! BUT... sacrificies need to be done if i want to sell! Oh well! ... I'll visit all your wonderful blogs filled with those gorgeous details that i love and take a deep breath!!!... :)
A wonderful day to you all!

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Mademoiselle Poirot disse...

It will be worth the sacrifice once you've managed to sell...but I so understand what you mean, nothing worse than a "show home" with no personality - yikes! Good luck ;-) Love from London x

Kom Achterom disse...

Ooh ice white is verry nice
But i have sorry for you that the layered look has gone!!
Ooh wat a big sacrifice it is!!
I wish you a verry clean and white week
I hope you found your dreamhouse and then it is ward of it.

anouk disse...

I know what you mean, but I´m sure the new decoration will be perfect!, and all the mess will pass.
Have a nice (messy) day.

It's me disse...

Good luck with decorating your home.............must go easy........with those beautiful magazines !!! hahahahhah!!

Happy evening hugs from me........

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

That must be a huge job, painting it all white. We painted our living room two years ago. I was glad when it was all over. Wish you good luck (with the decluttering too)!!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Luiza disse...

Oh, my sweetie!
I know it´s hard to do something not so fun, but oh so necessary.
I hope you´ll do good with the selling part....Cross my fingers.

You´ll see, that you will be able to hang all your decor up ,in the new home.

I wish you a very good evening!