quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010


Found this text on a brazilian site and loved it!!!!
I'll try to translate it the best way possible and...

... it's dedicated to each one of us!!!! Hope you like it!
"A WOW woman!!!!

Ask a man to describe a wow woman!
He will immediately talk about breast sizes, waist sizes, long legs and a perfect bottom.
He will tell you she has to be 1.80m, blond and have perfect breasts.

Then ask a woman what she thinks a wow woman is and you'll find out there's one in each corner...
A wow woman is the one that has to catch 2 buses to go to work and 2 more to come back, and when she gets home she finds tons of laundry to do and a family starving to death!
A wow woman is the one that gets up before dawn to get kids ready for school or the retired old lady that waits endless hours on a bank line to get her 200euros retiremment payment.
A wow woman is the manager that has to deal with hundreds of employees from monday to friday and a whole family every day of the week.
A wow woman is the one that comes back form the supermarket holding several grocery bags after having checked and analysed the prices so she can mannage a monthly tight budget.
A wow woman is the one that removes unwished hairs, puts make-up and cream on, is on a diet and goes to the gym, wears high heels and collants, has her hair done and puts perfume on even knowing she will never be invited to be a magazine cover.
A wow woman is the one that takes her kids to school and picks them up, and to swimming lessons and picks them up, that puts children to bed and reads them a story, kisses them and turns the light off.
A wow woman is the teenager mother that doesn't sleep until he gets home safe. Is the 1st one to get up to do breakfast.
The wow woman is the teacher that teaches getting a low salary, is the volunteer, the one that harvests and does surgeries; is the one that washes others clothes for money, and sets the table and cooks and cleans.
A wow woman is the one that raises children alone and works 8 hours in a row and faces menopause and TPM and the period.
A wow woman is the one that cleans cupboards, puts fresh flowers on vases, closes the curtains so the sun doesn't damage the furniture, keeps the friedge filled and the ashtrays empty.
A wow woman is the one that knows every single thing's place, what every child is feeling and the best headacke medicine.
They are the Marys, Julias; Annas, ...
A wow woman is not the GORGEOUS one but the one that has to "fight a lion" every single day!"
Martha Medeiros
Bet you recognize yourself on most of them!; even on the ones you never thought about or the ones that became such a routine that you don't even notice them any more!
Go ahead!! Head up!!!! Be proud of yourself!!!! YOU ARE A WOW WOMAN!!!!!

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jade disse...

What a wonderful post my dear Rosa Maria - now i feel WOW ;))!!!!!!! Thank you for all your lovely words and have a wonderful evening,

Hugs Jade

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

You made meu dia, Rosa! Adorei a musica tamben! Beijos mil!!

Jacqueline disse...

That was brilliant, Rosa.
I think that we can all see ourselves in that post. I feel really WOW now !! XXXX

Linda disse...

Hugs to you Rosa...