sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

love was on the air!... photos!

Here are the photos of our valentines' celebration!

I made a candle light dinner!!!! NO!!!! You naughty ones!!!! it was NOT just me and my husband!!!!.... we 2 are ALWAYS 4!!! If you know what i mean!!! Unlike many other parents on this country (that have nannies, families, ...) we are parents 24hours a day 365/6 days a year!!! Our children are permanentely with us and we are used to doing everything and going everwhere with them!!! Althought it's HARD at times, because we are never alone (just the 2 of us, or we never go to the cinema, ...) i can't really imagine my life and my day without both my children around snooping around or making noise or non stop talking or playing or climbing my sofas or messing things up or ...

You all know what i mean!!! What would i do if the house was always in order!!!, with no pillows on the floor?!!!!! or toys here and there and everywhere?!!!!
Anyway!... This was our (the 4) valentine's romantic dinner!!! Enjoy the photos!!!!
Happy Friday!!! Weekend is around the corner!!!
PS. Sorry about the 2 crasy photos! just think my computer is going crasy with all this romantic stuff!!! BUT, .... HEI!!!... what's life without some silly things?!!!!!

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Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Oi Rosa! I know exactly what you mean! We are also always 4 for everything. My kids are 18 and 16 and although of course they have their almost "own" life, they still do lots of things with us!Our Valentine was a nice lunch with the whole family and after that my Husband and I went out for coffee while they visited some friends. We can't imagine not sharing everything with them. By the way, your food looks delish!!!!!!!

Rebecca disse...

Hello Rosa
Beautiful photos! And what a beautiful table to share with your loved ones!

Les Cotrions disse...

What a nice Valentine you had Rosa! You made a gorgeous table! I understand what you mean but I think that this is a luck...a wonderful family all together to celebrate love! Simply perfect! If you need a baby me!
Happy week end!

Linda disse... Valentines =3 as well....
that is just the way it is...
my three loves....

jade disse...

Liebe Rosa,
das sieht so traumhaft romantisch und einladend aus........wie schön wäre es, jetzt an so einem herrlichen Tisch Platz zu nehmen und das wundervolle Mahl zu genießen!!!! Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut und ich wünsch dir einen zauberhaften Sonntagabend und eine schöne neue Woche,

allerliebste Grüße, herzlichst Jade

carpe diem disse...

que casualidad tenemos la misma cuberteria? Olga ...

Marita disse...

Looks so lovely on your valentine's celebration!

Cindy Geilmann disse...

Such an enchanting valentine celebration. I wish I would have been there.

Love Ya