terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

11 years!!!!!

Do you know what you were doing today 11 years ago?!

I was enchantingly fat and sooooooo pregnant!!!! Cleaning the house and getting things ready to welcome my 1st baby late in the afternoon!!! It was such a special day and i remember every single minute of it! Bet you remember yours too!!!
MY BABY!!!!!; he turns 11 today!!!! Can you believe it?!!!! Time does fly!!!!
Guilherme has been an amazing son!!! He's healthy, curious, intelligent, adaptable,... ... so sweet and caring!! It's such an honour to have him as my son!
Happy birthday sweet son!

10 comentários:

Camillas romantiske hjem disse...

Lovely memories!!Time does flye....Happy birthday to your son:)

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Rosa, congratulations with your beautiful son Guilherme. Times fly, it's so true. I don't know what I did 11 years ago, but there are moments in each life you never forget. I remember the birth of my daugther and son if it were yesterday.
Have a nice day.
Warm regards, Mea

Bonjade disse...

Congratulations to your lovely son
How rich you are.....
Nice evening

Les Cotrions disse...

Happy birthday Guilherme!!! Best best wishes for your life from Italy! And congratulations to the proud mum!

Cottage Garden disse...

Happy birthday to your lovely son - what cherished memories!

Jeanne x

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Have a happy happy day!!!!

Corinne. disse...

Le voila grand garçon !!!!
Un joyeux anniversaire à ton fils !!

yolanda disse...

Happy bithday to your son and thanks a lot for your nice coment ;).

Nice evening

Rebecca disse...

Oh happy happy birhtday to your son! I can't believe my son will be 39 next doesn't seem that long ago he was running around with his cowboy hat on...
Blessings to you and your son on his very special day

Anónimo disse...


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