quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2010

last chritmas time day on white wednesday


Today we celebrate the last day of christmas time. Traditionally people go from door to door singing "janeiras" carols (songs announcing that Jesus was born and wishing people good fortune and all the best) and are then invited in to get warm from the cold with some food and drinks. In some small villages, families still gather on "Dia dos Reis" (meaning the day of the kings). But, as we all know, tradition is no longer the same!!!; specially in big cities!; people do not meet anymore and celebrations are, in most houses, not done. After New Year most people close celebration time.

Chez moi: we do not go out singing, but we have a small family dinner listening to christmas songs. That's our way of closing this wonderful time! After today we will all have to wait for more!!!

Tomorrow i'll take out christmas things, pack them and start a new decor time! Still very wintery, but with a slight and shy spring feeling!

Happy "Dia dos Reis" everybody!

Here you can catch a glimpse of this tradition:

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Mitt hvite hus disse...

Hello Rose..

Hope you hd a wonderful christmas time..

thanks for your vissiting..

I have a pay it forward..and if you want to get a gift from me .I`ll need your adresse...

You can send it to me at this adress...

Hugs Kerstin

Linda disse...

Have a wonderful day Rosa...
it came and went so fast this year...
Happy New year!

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Feliz Dia, Rosa! Thank you so much for Imagine, that's my favorite song in the whole world!!!!

ruma2008 disse...

It is dreamlike Christmas.

Thank you for showing wonderful decorations.

Because I watched a happy family, my heart warmed.

Happy new year and wish you a very good start.

From the Far East.
Best regards.

Stephanie disse...

Happy New Year Rosa!!

Thanks for coming to visit me. I am sorry I have been absent lately, but a lot is going on here, I will be visiting you more often.

I love your Christmas pictures and hope you had a good one.


Cottage Garden disse...

Hello Rosa, I hope you enjoyed your day. It's a shame that some of these traditions are fading isn't it. Here in the UK we take all our decorations down on Twelfth Night before Epithany and it is said to be unlucky if you don't!

I look forward to seeing your new spring-like decor!

Stay warm and cosy. Jeanne x

Maria disse...

Dear Rosa,

lovely pictures from your christmas time and your family. You have a wonderful children!

All the best to your week!


Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa, thank you for telling us about your traditions (which are a little bit similar to ours) and showing us your WONDERFUL photos!!! I wish you and your family a healthy and blessed 2010 full of joy and happyness!!!
Lots of Hugs, Traude

Maison Douce disse...

Os doces d'ovos... O bolo-rei.... Yum!!! Espero que tenhas tido um natal bom e desejo-te a ti e a tua familia um bom ano!!!