segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

just waiting for Santa...

This is the decor i've made on my chimney! I don't have a lot of place, because we haven't a traditional fireplace. Nevertheless, i managed to get some things there. There are things i found at fleamarket, like the paintings, and things i bought at local shops, like the candles.
We covered the chimney wall with white small "azulejos". It took us (me and my husband) a whole afternoon, but it really works! The background wall is also covered with "azulejos" made at home with plaster!!! It took about 2 weeks to do everything! I love the result and the way they contrast with blank white walls and the chimney, but it was sooooooo hard to do!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful new week; and for those who celetrate advent (we don't) - Happy Advent!!

sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

christmas is knocking on my door!!!

Ok! It's Christmas! I've announced it on my street!!! Oh! God what a sad street that is!!! Nobody does christmas decor outside except for myself and another neighbour!!! No christmas lights; no snowmen; no christmas trees; OUTSIDE?! NO NOTHING!!! hate it!!
I, on the other hand, love to celebrate whatever i feel like!, and when i do it, i do it not only inside, but ouside as well! SO... here are some of the photos of my entrance area. Hope you like it and feel like decorating outside too!
Went to the doctor today and i'll have my surgery on the 9th. Can't wait to get over that and fully enjoy my christmas time!

quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009

do you belive in angels?!...

all photos from the net
No decor today!!!
Just wanted to share with you one of my greatest passions! - Angels.
If you've been following my blog, you'll already know that i have an angels' corner! It is not a praying zone! It has nothing to do with fanatic religious beliefs (although i was brought up in an extremely religious family; and maybe too because of that!!!)! It has nothing to do with collections! It's my inspirational/ spiritual/romantic/zen place. We all need something to hold on to from time to time, don't we?!
Today just want to bring you some peace! Take a deep breath!
What would you feel if you could touch an angel?! How does it feel when you touch one?!
Enjoy the moment!

quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

white wednesday - christmas decor chez moi

Morning everybody!
First things first!
My heart thanks you soooooo much! You!!! Who wrote a sweet encouraging comment on this hard times i'm going through! I thank you too! You!! Who never got to leave some words, because i'm sure your thoughts were also with me!!! So... Thanks!
Good news! My blood analysis came yesterday and it seems i'll be healthy enough to have that surgery! I'll go back to the doctor on Saturday. Hopefully he'll set a date! Can't wait to get it done! (never though i would say that!!!!)

Here are some photos of my christmas decor around the house. I had already shown you the kitchen table; - now it's finished! I've added some "glitter" and glass bells (you can see on one of the pics).
I've covered some of the chairs with white fabric (details on the photos). Love the result!
As you can see, my tree is also done. It has some fairy lights and candles ( i'll post a photo with them on - have to wait for the night!!!).
You can also see my kitchen " chandelier"!!! It's a tree branch painted silver and "filled" with white stars and crystals. Does it look cute?! What do you think?! Any suggestion?!

Hope you like today's music - i'm crazy about Pavarotti (cried a river when he died!!)
Hope you like today's quote! - Maya Angelou! My favourite writer of the moment!

For more on white christmas go to:
Take care and be happy!!

segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009

on the edge of the knife...

It took me 2 days to get my heart out, cry a river and try to overcome the result of my visit to the doctor on Saturday!... To be honest i think i haven't overcomed it yet!!!; but this weekend was reflection weekend!...
Since i remember me as myself that i have this urge about life, this feeling that life is way far too short, that time goes by too fast, that i should live and fulfill my dreams as fast as i could. In fact never understood how some people can go through life taking it as it comes not feeling the urgency that i always had inside of me, even as a small child!
Ok! Following THE Nature's laws i wasn't meant to be here! I knocked on heavens' doors several times, as a baby and small child! I was meant to die when i was about 1 year and a half!! So somehow someway, deep inside of me, after that always took life as extra time! Don't really know if i was able to explain myself!, but do you know what i mean?!
At the age of 25 i was there again!!, trying to meet St Peter and all the angels!... Hopefully escaped! Since then that urgency on living grew bigger and stronger!
NOW?! I'm running for time! I'm walking the stairs of heaven again!!! Ok! It's great because it reminds me how precious life is!, how lucky i'm too be alive, to enjoy my loved ones better and in a sweeter way!... but now i have 2 children and it's not funny anymore! I have the right to see them grow a little bit more, ain't i?!...

To make a long story short! - I already knew i needed surgery (nothing new!!)! I went to the doctor! And now i have a kind of a ballon (that's the only way i can explain it) inside my face, "eating" my bones (specially under my left eye and my left forehead), and growing in size! I can loose my left eye and go blind (1st bad news), but that ballon (i learnt that ballons are fun only on parties!) can literally explode bringing a huge amount of problems. Cutting it the hard way! -- my meeting with God all Mighty is set on sooner than i would like!! So... i'm just trying to get that surgery as soon as i can and hope i'll go under the knife in 2 to 3 weeks (maybe sooner - it depends ironically on how healthy i am!)

Anyway... life goes on! and this photo is a detail on my christmas decor! Have to get my mind into something! Promisse to show you some more on future posts!

Enjoy life and be healthy! Life is now! This moment! Drink it as if it was the first time! don't take it for granted!
Have a great new week!

sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2009


Last photo from Martha Stewart
This week i got so "enchanté" with the gestures of kindness i got from blogland that i just wanted to make a special post dedicated to you all who visit my blog on a regular bases or just take a peek, or just got here because you were surfing on the net or even because somehow, someway my blog crossed your way!
So... Specially for you ( Magdalena, Magoda, Jade, Luiza, Marie-Ange, Madeleine, all the Annas, Corine; Corrine, Traude, Millie, Leigh, Elke, Yvonne, Lia, Madelief, June, Mea, Luna, Vanamo, Ale, Cecilia, Isabéis, Marias, Jackie, Sandy, Jeanne, Ruma, Kerstin, Anette, Agneta, Erin, Vale, Yolanda, Chrissy, Rebecca, Simone and all the new ones i met this 2 last weeks ...). Here is this small text and today's photos to say: THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS!


Have you ever been surprised because a stranger was kind to you?!...

A lot of people don't really notice it, but they got used to the lack of kindness...

And when it happens, it becomes a feast.

Relationships became so hard, that the normal thing to find is dryness, strangeness, even cruelty.

It seems that everybody is ready to defend themselves, but not prepared to hear sweet words and gestures of love and kindness.

Kindness became a luxury gesture, something of a museum, antique...
It became a memory.

There are the ones that do not trust a kind man...
They'll say his gay, straight away.

Women who are kind are seen as strange or false.

The world just lost the reference of kindness, politeness, genteelness, mannerly, graciousness, courteousness.

To be offended on traffic became a routine thing. To be rude to the ones that earn their money serving us became normal.

You see a lot of ugly faces, impatiente, intolerance and bad humour the whole time; even inside our homes.

I don't want that!!! I will never get used to it!; NO!
I want kindness in my life. I want to be kind to other people too.
I want to be treated with respect, with tenderness.
I want to be treated like people, that's what kindness really is...

Youth think they no longer need to give their seat to older people on the bus, on subway or help them cross the street.

Man lost their politeness towards women.

Women became more independent and think they no longer need men to be a "chevalier" because it's not modern; it's oldfashioned.

I want kindness from men, women, children and strangers.
I want the soft gesture, the phonecall saying thanks, the flowers, the chocolates, the welcoming note, the smile on the street, the courteousy...
I want the simple look of sincerity, because to be true is also to be kind...
I want kindness because of kindness itself! No matters how small the gesture is!; how whispered the word comes out...
I want kindness because it is needed!; it's essencial; it's what we're meant to be."

Lena Gino/Rosa