domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009



I got another gorgeous award! This time from sweet Bonnie. She lives in California and loves the same things we all do! Her blog focus on soooo many lovely things and ideas, is filled with lovely pics and wonderful texts. Please do visit her, share some love and leave her a comment.
This award has some rules that i will fulfill on my next post.
Meanwhile, dear Bonnie, hope you accept the photo with a christmas decor detail as my way of saying thanks!
A lovely Sunday evening to you all!

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BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour! Congratulations on your award from Bonnie over at Love Your Place. She is so sweet and so glad she nominated your pretty blog! A lovely Sunday evening to you as well!

ruma2008 disse...


The receiving a prize is good for your lovely blog.

I look forward to your wonderful post from now on.


Marie-Ange disse...

Bravo pour ces jolis prix tellement mérités.
Bisous de belle nuit.

Jacqueline disse...

Well done on your award, Rosa. Thoroughly deserved. XXXX

Bonnie disse...

Thank you for the pretty picture! I always enjoy visiting your blog! You have so many pretty pictures and I love the music and snow flakes! How do you make the snow flakes?

Thank you for your wonderful comments and encouragement about my laundry room. I put up some more photos of the other wall and room measurements at the end of the original post. I would love to see and hear about your ideas! But you must promise me that you will take care of yourself and your lovely family first! I am praying you get through the upcoming surgery and get well soon! Do not feel any pressure to do my laundry! :) I'm not very fast with my own home improvement projects, so there is plenty of time.

The floor needs cleaning and has itcky marks from the old vinyl tile. I'd love to see the cement floor sites you mentioned! I love the idea of an italian landscape! I was thinking of making covers for the big shelves. I will take out the little white cabinet on the wall by the ironing board. I haven't decided about the cabinet around the sink. Its rather practical. I have a feeling that paint will have lead in it and will get a test kit this coming week. Thank you again for all your thoughts and encouragement! Bonnie :)

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

Congratulations on your Award! You have a lovely blog.

Have a great week

les fifoles disse...

So cool to start the week with this song!

Congratulations for the award;-))!

Have a beautiful day! Anne

Magoda disse...

Congratulations Rosa!!!!

Anna-Malin - Helt Enkelt disse...

Congratulations to your award!

Have a nice monday evening!

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Congratulations on your award. You deserve it!!

Have a lovely evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Chrissy disse...

Good for you deserve it!! All the best,Chrissy

Love Your Place ~ Bonnie disse...

Hi Rosa,
You deserve lots of awards! You have a wonderful blog and I appreciate your friendship very much!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas and the website links to help with my laundry room. I looked at all of them and saved them too. They are very helpful. I like the concrete floor info and ideas and maybe a mural too. I really appreciate all the time you put into gathering them for me. Thank you so much!

We are having our first winter storm in Los Angeles, and it is pouring rain and cold. So it's good day to add the snow to my blog! I hope you are having a wonderful day! Thank you again!

Mayflower disse...

Congratulations with this beautiful Award, Bikim. All earned, cause your Blog is wonderful.
Have a nice week.
Lovely greetings from Mea

lia disse...

Congratulations Rosa, I love your blog also.
Have a very nice week.
Greets Lia