domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009

with dizziness... but i´m back!

Photo from wonderful photographer Lisa Gwilliam

Ok! My surgery is done and i'm almost ready to rock, although the whole process is not over yet and i still feel as if my face had been punched by Mike Tyson for over an hour!!!
It's not an easy recovery, but i guess it never is! I went through 2 c-sections, but this is not easy too!!!! Anyway no bad news from the surgey so i'm really thankful! I'll be as new in a month.
Meanwhile leave you with some great photos from an amazing photographer called Tim Walker.
Thank you all for the sweet encouraging comments and may you all have a sweet happy weekend!

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Jacqueline disse...

Oh Rosa,
How lovely to have a post from you, and that it's good news and everything went well. I have been thinking of you.
Although you are not feeling 100%, you can now really enjoy Christmas. You have dealt with it so positivly and bravely and I am so happy for you.
Beautiful photographs from Tim Walker. One of my favourite photographers.
Enjoy every day and, once again, I'm so pleased that everything went so well.
Have a happy Sunday. XXXX

lia disse...

Dear Rosa, what a good news for you and your family. It's great to hear from you and love your beautiful photo's. Although you are not feeling great yet, take your rest and enjoy the cristmas.
Take care and have a happy week.
Hugs Lia

Isabelocas disse...

Olá Amiga
Ainda bem que correu tudo bem, fico muito feliz, agora aproveita para descansar.

Mayflower disse...

Dear Rosa, I'm glad that you are home again and that everything went well.
I love the pictures.
It take time to full recovery, take good care.
Lovely greetings, Mea

Linda disse...

Feel better soon Rosa!

Chrissy disse...

Oh you poor thing,get lots of rest!! Your post is lovely as always,take care 0x0x0x

BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour Rosa. Glad to hear all went well - now please get take time getting well. Beautiful photos. Enjoy the holiday with your family!

Feelings disse...

I´m so happy everything went well, even though you hurt a lot!

Now I wish you a fast recovery, Rosa! So that you will be back with us soon, and spread some more of your positive posts!


Les Cotrions disse...

Hello Rosa! Welcome back! I'm so happy you're getting better and everything went well!
I'm sure you'll be as "new" in few weeks!
Take care!!!

Rostrose disse...

Oh how wonderful, dearest Rosa - everything went well and now you can enjoy Christmas with your beloved ones in peace. Don't care because of looking like Tyson - soon you will be as beautiful as usual - I am sure you will!!! :o)
The photos are really pretty, thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week and a good recovery! Hugs, trau.mau

vanamo disse...

I hope the best for your recovering:) Hugs!