segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Rules are rules!

Last week i got another lovely award from Bonnie from:
I was soooooo happy!

HOWEVER!!... i do have to fulfill certain rules:

1. copy and paste the award and add a link to the blog that nominated me;
2. tell 7 things about myself;
3. pass the award along to 7 other bloggers.

SO... Here it goes!!!

7 things about myself!!!

I always somehow felt as if i belonged to another era! way back in time!

Call me crazy!!!! but... i believe in angels and fairies and mermaids and GHOSTS! In fact, i'm scared to death of ghosts or spirits!
I love antique cars! I'm dying to have one for ages! But my husband always says "NO! NOT suitable for a mother of 2!" I've begged! and said pleaseeee! and cooked a great dinner with special wine and champagne and special, i mean REALLY special dessert!!!! Yop! You've guessed!!!! That one!!! THE special dessert!!! and yet... "NO!" Ok! i do need to change my persuasive techniques!!

I was born in Africa and, from time to time, i do feel Africa calling!!! That call was soooo strong when i was younger that i always thought, and had set my mind on, that i would marry a black african man! Ok!!!Ok!!! I married a white man, and he was not even born in Africa!!!, but i do want to return to Africa, as a traveller, one of this days!

I am what in fashion business is called a "petite femme". I'm only 1.6om, which is pretty low for nowadays! So... i always, i mean ALWAYS use high heels! Can't live without them! and, as every "petite" woman, i have a crush for long slimmy legs! On my next life i definitely want a pair of those!!!!!!!

I have NO prejudice whatsoever! I truly belive that everybody is free to do and live as one pleases! and i do live by that!

I got married to my sweetheart on 17/04/93, but ... I WANT TO GET MARRIED AGAIN!!!!! To the same man!!; but again!!! I wasn't able to choose my wedding dress!! My mother decided she was the one to choose, so ... i didn't quite get the marriage i wanted!!! I definitely want to do my dream marriage! Not sure my husband would go through all that stuff again!!! Hi! hi! hi!

Now that you all know 7 more things about me myself and i, here are the bloggers to whom i would like to pass this award.
MARIE-ANGE in France: for always leaving some of the most sweet comments!

MEA in Holland: for her wonderful images
ALE in Argentina: for always being so willing to share secrets (on how to do)

JADE in Germany: for being the 1st to write a comment on my blog when i started it (we never forget 1st times) and for being soooo inspirational

MILLIE in Australia: for having one of the most funny blogs i visit, for looking at the bright side of life with a laughter and making me do the same

SISHIR in India: for having and taking some of the most gorgeous emotional photos, for always bringing out my most human feelings

LINDA in the USA: for having a blog with a name i just love - "how to cook a wolf" and for watering my mouth and all my senses whenever i visit her

Hope you all accept this award and pass it along too!

There are sooooooooo many others i would like to include, and i will ( on later posts!). You are all soooooo talented in sooo many different and unique ways! Thanks! Glad i found you all!
All photos from the net

12 comentários:

Marie-Ange disse...

C'est avec une très grande joie que j'accepte ce joli prix !
Tu ne pouvais me faire plus plaisir.
Merci de tout coeur.
Je te souhaite une très belle nuit.

BonjourRomance disse...

So enjoyed your list, and I will definitely head over to all the blogs you listed. Good luck on getting married again - as long as it is to the same man! Actually, that is the most important thing - getting the right guy!
Have a wonderful week!

Millie disse...

Rosa thank you so much for this lovely Award! I loved reading the 7 things about you, sooo interesting! The antique car wish is a great one - I've always wanted a vintage Aston Martin. I'm not holding my breath though!
Millie ^_^

jade disse...

Meine liebste Rosa,
vielen herzlichen Dank, für diesen wundervollen Award und deine zauberhaften Worte - ich freue mich ganz besonders darüber!!! Und wie schön, dass du uns so viel über dich erzählt hast...........wie süß, dass du deinen Mann gerne noch mal heiraten willst (bestimmt in High Heels ;) und bestimmt werden alle Engelchen auf dich acht geben!!!!
Dein Blog ist so wunderschön und bringt so viel Freude und Inspiration und es war heute wieder ein ganz wunderbarer Start in den Tag!! Und ich möchte noch ganz herzlich DANKE sagen, für die lieben Geburtstagswünsche - ich hab mich soooo gefreut!!!!!

Eine traumhafte Woche und allerliebste Grüße & Küsschen
herzlichst Jade

PS: bei uns regnet es es gerade sehr stark - es wäre schöner, wenn es bald schneien würde ;)!

envilsenloppa disse...

Oh that was a lot of interesting stuff about you !
Can´t imagine why you should´nt have an old car , are´nt mam´s alloud to drive them or what ?

Linda disse...

Thank you so much touched my heart this morning when I saw the gift you left for me...
I could never choose who to award...everyone who touches me each day with their beautiful blogs deserves an award...
I am so happy that when you visit me your mouth waters...that is exactly what I mean to do.
Come cook with me...and have fun!
Your blog is a little bit of magic....
Thank you again...sending you love across the miles...

Linda disse...

Oh and Rosa...I love all of your music...
it makes my heart sing!

Mayflower disse...

Hello my dear Rosa, what a great suprise that I became this special Ooh La la Award from you. I feel honored by this sweet gift, cause I became this from some-one special. I must confess that I'm decided some time ago that I will not circulate the awards, cause there are so many awards abroad and I can't decide on what beautiful Blog I must give this.
How nice to see the 7 things about you, I think you are a very special Lady.
Again many thanks.
Warm greetings from Mea

Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa -
CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, you really deserve this award! And thank you so much for telling us all your wonderful things about yourself. I really can understand that you would like to be in Africa - it is wonderful there. I was in Southafrica some years ago and will never forget the feeling of being "at home" there. Perhaps you should tell your husband, if he doesn't want to marry you again you will look for an african husband who buys you an antique car!!! ;-)

Good luck for your surgery tomorrow, dear Rosa, and warm hugs, Traude

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