sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009

I love to love...

I love!
I love the sun and the heavy rain and the complete round full moon on extremely dark nights!
I love strong wind and heavy thunders! I love the extremes! Extremely cold days like -20 and extremely hot ones like 45 degrees!
I love Nature! The wind through the trees, the sun on the leaves, the smell of the mountains, the language of the birds on spring and autumn days, the sea on winter days, the huge waves on stormy days, the feel of the sand under my feet, the empty spaces, the mist and the frost!
I love to go through the woods, or lay in a field of golden grass in the summer! I love to look at the clouds and to cook and beauty for itself!
I love to change things all the time and to decorate and to imagine and to create and to dance and listen to music and to bake cookies.
I love to love who loves me!
I love the smell of coffee and of fresh baked bread! I love pasta and cheese and sushi and red wine! I love to drink a glass of cold champagne when i feel like it.
I love that i never use a clock to tell the time! I love the sound and smell of a fireplace! I love to make jam!
I love poetry! I love unusual things! I love surprises!
I love the poetry of life and the desert and to laugh and the pleasure of it!
I love to have a house full of people and the emptiness of it too!
I love every single season and christmas and snow!
I love to love for the pleasure of it!
I love to fall in love daily! I love life and to feel sad and to feel extremely happy and to cry and to get into my car and drive... nowhere... without destiny!
I love... because of love... i love to love because i love!!
Hope you love to love too!
Happy weekend!

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Marie-Ange disse...

C'est merveilleux !
C'est féérique !
C'est extraordinaire !
BRAVO !!!!
Bisous du coeur

Cottage Garden disse...

Oh such a joyous post today dear Rosa Maria!
Your photos show such a cosy inviting corner - just the place to take time out and contemplate life - wonderful!

Have a happy & cosy weekend. Jeanne xx

PS I hope you are well.

Corinne. disse...

Wouhaaa !!!
Merci pour la chanson c'est magnifique et la vidéo est très touchante ....

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

I LOVED reading your post today. It is so happy!! Your pictures are LOVELY too! I LOVE all the angels, the candles, the whites and the reindeers. I think I LOVE the same things you do!! Lots of LOVE!!! :)

Have a LOVEly weekend!


jade disse...

Oh i LOVE your wonderful post dear Rosa - i loved to read it and i love every word of it!!!!! Thank you so much...........your such a lovely person!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine in your heart,

Hugs Jade

BonjourRomance disse...

Bonjour and congratulations on your award from the lovely Bonnie over at Love Your PLace blog. SO glad I came by so I could see you beautiful photos, a very pretty blog. I'll be back again soon.

Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa, what an arrangement, what a georgeous love-story! I love to read it, I love to visit you on your blog, I love to see your pictures ... (and so on ;-))
And I love to send you lots of HUGS! Best wishes to you!!!!

Natasha disse...

What beautiful words and also what a beautiful blog! I love listening to the music while looking at your gorgeous pictures.

Thank you for making my day so happy!

Best wishes, Natasha.

Feelings disse...

Wonderful post! Well chosen words!
I love all the things you love!
I love to live, I love life, even though it´s tough sometimes.
Everything happends for a reason!

Sorry, I wasn´t around for long, but I hope to be, from now.

Wish you a wonderful night.


Jacqueline disse...

Dear Rosa,
How beautiful your home looks, all dressed for Christmas. I love your little bell wreath..... and your text is so heartfelt. I want to wish you well, Rosa and will be thinking of you on the 9th. with love. XXXX