quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

White wednesday - on a rainy day!

These pics are from my kitchen decor. They are all staying on a piece of furniture where i keep my china. I put some wood on the wall, gave it a white wash, and used some mirrors behind 2 chandeliers. Here i have lots of things, that i love looking at every day, just piled on display.
The decor isn't finished! There's still things to be done!; and the last pic shows you my next project: the old dark rococo bed headboard that i want to paint white with a hint of old gold here and there. When i got home with it (about 7 years ago) my husband thought i was crasy buying a complete bed headboard - yes! that's only a part of it! the rest is staying on the garden house until i decide what to do with it!
Skies have opened today and it's raining like hell! It's ok! I was already missing the rain! so i'll enjoy it twice more!!
Have a happy sweet day and thanks for all the lovely comments!
For more wonderful photos on white decor rush on over to:
PS. I'll post some more pics on my kitchen decor later! They were too many for today!

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Luiza disse...

So many wonderful details...

I see you had a great Halloween as well. The pictures are great, and great costumes.

Wish you a great wednesday.


Marie-Ange disse...

Une partition posée comme une étoile à la douce lueur des bougies !
Une foule de choses ravissantes si joliment mises en scène, ta page n'est que tendresse et lumière !
Bisous du coeur.

Brabourne Farm disse...

Love your birdcage (and all your other lovely things) - I would love to find one just like it! Hope you're having a nice, rainy week. Leigh

Madeleine disse...

Hello Rosa! How are you?
I am sending you a cup of tea from my home!!! =)
I love that brown color to. hope it will be a pillow before christmas. Have a lovely day!
Hugs Madeleine

Mitt hvite hus disse...

Hello Rose..

I really love your photoes...and all your things... the coulor you use in your home..
I`ll hope you have a nice day even it`s raining..
Hugs Kerstin

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Oi Rose!! Your beautiful pictures are always so inviting and romantic! That headboard has lots of potential...can't wait to see what you do with it!

June disse...

Oh my gosh Rosa Maria, it is all so lovely. Your photos show everything so beautifully. It looks like such a cozy place to be there in your pretty home.

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Good to see that Christmas has invaded your house as well! I have put the first christmas decorations up to. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful 'white pictures' with the sheet music, the candle and the string of pearls. They look very romantic!

Lieve groet from a rainy Holland!


Garden Antqs Vintage disse...

Hi Rosa, thanks so much for stopping by here lately. You have a beautiful blog, I'm added you to my sites. Have a great rest of the day, Theresa

lottens vita och gröna disse...

hallo my friend!!!
sooooooo lovely you have in your home, beautiful photos!!!
warm hug lotten

Connie disse...

Lovely, lovely photos, my sweets! It's raining in Portugal today???? Cold here in the northwest of the USA but sunny. Darling blog. Since it's my first time here, it's nice to meet you, chickee!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse disse...

You have a lovely home. I have a blue tin just like the one on your table.
Thanks for stopping by!

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

It was lovely to discover your beautiful blog.
What a wonderful visit I have had.
Your home is gorgeous and loved seeing your photos.
Morning has broken is such a lovely piece, I play it on the piano.
Many thanks for visiting my blog.

enjoy your rainy day, they can be great too.

Ginger disse...

Thank-you for your visit. It's always nice to meet new bloggers. Your blog is beautiful, I love it.

sassytrash disse...

Such a lovely blog!!...I really enjoyed visiting your site and love your White Wednesday pics!! Thanks for visiting mine and your nice comments! I'll look forward to seeing what you are getting up to in the future.

jade disse...

My dearest Rosa,
what a wonderful place, to be on a rainy day - so lovely impressions of your beautiful home!!!!

Good night, Hugs Jade

My little footprints disse...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. So many lovely pictures here in your blog! I got so inspired!!
Wish you a lovely weekend!

Magdalena disse...

Preciosos los detalles, que romantico todo...
abrazo fuerte
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Rita disse...

Hi Rosa,
it's always so pleasant to visit your blog, especially when your treasures are displayed so beautifully on White Wednesdays.
Warm wishes