quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2009

White wednesday - the "virus"caught me!!!!

OK! You got me!!!! I just caught the christmas decor virus!!!!! Is that a terrible flu????!!!
After visiting your wonderful blogs and seeing all the gorgeous christmas things almost all of you have been doing, i couldn't wait any longer!!!!!:::
I had set my mind up that i would start the christmas decor around the house together with christmas music on the 20th as i usually do (so everything is ready before the 24th of november - a month before christmas).; but this year.... ... just followed you and i started yesterday!!!
I began with my kitchen table! The photos you see are only the begining!... On christmas i like to have an EXPLOSION of details so every single day your senses find something new!! I do it with music (this year bought the ZaraHome christmas jazz cd - amazing!); with smells (again Zarahome jasmin home spray - so cozy and wonderful); with candles and everything i love!
The last photo shows a detail of my kitchen "chandelier". It's a star (Ikea) and i'll show the result when it's ready.
Meanwhile... ... ...

Hope you've caught this christmas decor virus and, if you haven't started already!, start with me!...
Happy decor and hope i can bring some inspiration! Looking for some more?! Check it out at Kathleen's lovely blog and with all the ladies that are participating on the white wednesday post -

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Cottage Garden disse...

Dear Rosa Maria

So many lovely posts to catch up on! First of all congratulations on your award, the first of many I'm sure!
I hope also that your dear little son is better now?
So you've been bitten by the Christmas bug! I can see already how wonderful your house will look at Christmas - you have such style and flair. Your bathroom is delightful, I particularly like the boat pictures and all the lovely soaps and containers. Its always a feast for the eyes visiting your blog - I'm off to look at some more now!!

Take care and have a good week. Jeanne xx

ary disse...

Yes, I'm starting to decoration too.
This table is so romantic!!
Love from Italy

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Bikim, so you have also the Christmasfever hihi. I also already start with some small things. I begin upstairs in the bedroom and the hall. After Sinterklaas on 5 december I will decorate the whole house. Your pictures are beautiful, how nlovely the organza and the christmastrees of glass and wood and so beautiful in the white coluors. I'm curious how the chandelier looks when you are ready with it.
Have a wonderful day.
Many greetings from Mea

lia disse...

Hello Bikim,
What a great photo's on your post.
I'm still thinking what to do with christmas. But I love the rendeer. Glass and white is always beautiful.

lovely greets Lia

Marie-Ange disse...

C'est magique, magnifique, enchanteur !
Mes mots se bousculent devant tes superbes mises en images et ta fabuleuse déco de Noël !
C'est une véritable féérie.
Bisous émerveillés.

Rajee Sood disse...

Hi Rosa,
Your blog looks gorgeous ... and I love the bug you got ... I just wish it would get a lil' cold here ...I love to do the christmas decor with a warm cuppa coffee ... ;)
Rosa ... I love the snow flling on the blog ... oh! please ... please ... you must tell me how you got that ... :)

Luna disse...

Christmas decor virus?
Oh yes, I've got him toooo!!!!!!!
Beautiful pics!
Have a wonderful day!
Hughs ... Luna

vanamo disse...

Lovely decoration!

I have an award for you in my blog:)

Have a lovely week!

Debra @ Common Ground disse...

Hello, this is the first time I have visited with you, Your table is just lovely and the reindeer and mercury glass cast the most beautiful glow! Thank you for the lovely photos and I think that a lot of us have this same "bug"!

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

That virus is much better than the other viruses around lately! We haven't got it yet...a few more weeks for us. The weather is so warm and lovely we can't think Christmas!! Your house is looking fab!!!!

Златина disse...

I am already infected... :)
Sweet sickness! :)))

ale disse...

querida rosa maría!!that virus is very contagious!!l am making lots of things life is a collage of making things!!!!...and christmats is coming and l love to receive it with all my heart,with all the people l love,and with the house ,as yours,full of that detailles so full of love!!!l love your musics!!!!!hope the kids are much better and l send you an enormous kiss rosa!!!!!!!

Peonies & Magnolias disse...

What a wonderful fever to have. Your house is so beautiful and your pictures are wonderful.


Jacqueline disse...

I love your Christmas table and it makes for such a beautiful White Wednesday..... and you can't beat a bit of George Michael and The Snowman. I just don't like the part where he melts !! XXXX

Picture Imperfect disse...

How beautiful Rosa! I don't decorate for Christmas so I will have to come here often to enjoy your spectacular designs. I really love that reindeer - he's gorgeous!!!

Rosabella disse...

oh, it's wonderful ... your "White Wednesday" ... and thank you very much for your comments ♥

jade disse...

Oh, how lovely, dear Rosa - it looks like winter wonderland!!!!! I think i have this virus too ;)))!

Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Jade

Feelings disse...

Dearest, Rosa!
Thank you for all the kind words you always write...
If you only knew how they warm my heart.
That´s why I gave you the award. You are so, so worth it. You are wonderful.
Thank you for the rose =).
I´m so glad to make you happy.

Have a nice day.
LOve /

vitating disse...

Hello! Nice picture! Like your blog, very nice!!!
I don`t now if you can buy things of me. How can you pay me? How can you give me right swedish money? Can you pay me to my internetbank? If you can it`s okay!

Rajee Sood disse...

Hi Rosa,
Oh! dear the snowfall looks gorgeous ... thankyou sooo ... much ... :)... now only if you could help me out with the cold whether thingy ... ;)