quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

white wednesday - christmas decor chez moi

Morning everybody!
First things first!
My heart thanks you soooooo much! You!!! Who wrote a sweet encouraging comment on this hard times i'm going through! I thank you too! You!! Who never got to leave some words, because i'm sure your thoughts were also with me!!! So... Thanks!
Good news! My blood analysis came yesterday and it seems i'll be healthy enough to have that surgery! I'll go back to the doctor on Saturday. Hopefully he'll set a date! Can't wait to get it done! (never though i would say that!!!!)

Here are some photos of my christmas decor around the house. I had already shown you the kitchen table; - now it's finished! I've added some "glitter" and glass bells (you can see on one of the pics).
I've covered some of the chairs with white fabric (details on the photos). Love the result!
As you can see, my tree is also done. It has some fairy lights and candles ( i'll post a photo with them on - have to wait for the night!!!).
You can also see my kitchen " chandelier"!!! It's a tree branch painted silver and "filled" with white stars and crystals. Does it look cute?! What do you think?! Any suggestion?!

Hope you like today's music - i'm crazy about Pavarotti (cried a river when he died!!)
Hope you like today's quote! - Maya Angelou! My favourite writer of the moment!

For more on white christmas go to:
Take care and be happy!!

10 comentários:

Corinne. disse...

C'est féérique !!
Toute la magie de Noêl est chez toi !!
C'est vraiment magniiiiifiiiique !!
bravo j'adore

lia disse...

What good to hear. I'll wish you all the best. And love your christmas decorating and the lovely music.
I give a shout of joy. HOERAAAAAAA.

Many hugs Lia

Златина disse...

It's so beautiful! Congratulations!
Be strong and believe in miracles!

Les Cotrions disse...

Hello Rosa! I'm happy to hear you're a bit more positive! Creativity usually helps to ovecome bad times! You made a fantastic work my dear! All your decorations are simply stunning and magic! White Xmas is my favourite! Remember what Puccini wrote at the end of Nessun dorma...
he said "I'll win"...and you'll win your battle! Be sure...I know Puccini...he is from Lucca too!
Good luck and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere around you!

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Just read your last two post....I am speechless. What a horrible thing to have happened to you. I know the feeling you describe in your post. It's great to be alive and enjoy all the lovely people, nature and things around you. I feel the same as you do! Please take care dear Rosa! You will overcome this!!!

Carpe Diem. Lots of love,

Madelief xxx

ale disse...

queridísima rosa maría!!!!!!wawuuuuu!!!!!your christmas spirit is so pure and beautifull!!! l can see love and love and more love in every single detaille!!!!l adore adore that heart...beautifulllllll!!!!!!
...dear rosa you have our support and love !!!!millones de besos !!!!!!!

ruma2008 disse...

It is lovely decorations.

I may surely feel happy if surrounded by these.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home disse...

Hi Rosa, beautiful Christmas decor.
Good luck with your surgery.
Thanks so much for your visit.

Sishir disse...

Christmas preparations!!!
Beautiful & thanks a lot for your comment!

weisser traum disse...

wunderschön wie im marchen. grüässli daniela