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Last photo from Martha Stewart
This week i got so "enchanté" with the gestures of kindness i got from blogland that i just wanted to make a special post dedicated to you all who visit my blog on a regular bases or just take a peek, or just got here because you were surfing on the net or even because somehow, someway my blog crossed your way!
So... Specially for you ( Magdalena, Magoda, Jade, Luiza, Marie-Ange, Madeleine, all the Annas, Corine; Corrine, Traude, Millie, Leigh, Elke, Yvonne, Lia, Madelief, June, Mea, Luna, Vanamo, Ale, Cecilia, Isabéis, Marias, Jackie, Sandy, Jeanne, Ruma, Kerstin, Anette, Agneta, Erin, Vale, Yolanda, Chrissy, Rebecca, Simone and all the new ones i met this 2 last weeks ...). Here is this small text and today's photos to say: THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS!


Have you ever been surprised because a stranger was kind to you?!...

A lot of people don't really notice it, but they got used to the lack of kindness...

And when it happens, it becomes a feast.

Relationships became so hard, that the normal thing to find is dryness, strangeness, even cruelty.

It seems that everybody is ready to defend themselves, but not prepared to hear sweet words and gestures of love and kindness.

Kindness became a luxury gesture, something of a museum, antique...
It became a memory.

There are the ones that do not trust a kind man...
They'll say his gay, straight away.

Women who are kind are seen as strange or false.

The world just lost the reference of kindness, politeness, genteelness, mannerly, graciousness, courteousness.

To be offended on traffic became a routine thing. To be rude to the ones that earn their money serving us became normal.

You see a lot of ugly faces, impatiente, intolerance and bad humour the whole time; even inside our homes.

I don't want that!!! I will never get used to it!; NO!
I want kindness in my life. I want to be kind to other people too.
I want to be treated with respect, with tenderness.
I want to be treated like people, that's what kindness really is...

Youth think they no longer need to give their seat to older people on the bus, on subway or help them cross the street.

Man lost their politeness towards women.

Women became more independent and think they no longer need men to be a "chevalier" because it's not modern; it's oldfashioned.

I want kindness from men, women, children and strangers.
I want the soft gesture, the phonecall saying thanks, the flowers, the chocolates, the welcoming note, the smile on the street, the courteousy...
I want the simple look of sincerity, because to be true is also to be kind...
I want kindness because of kindness itself! No matters how small the gesture is!; how whispered the word comes out...
I want kindness because it is needed!; it's essencial; it's what we're meant to be."

Lena Gino/Rosa

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Mayflower disse...

Hello my dear blogfriend Rosa, what a special and loving gesture and those beautiful words about kindness. You are so right about it, kindness is what all people need and it costs so litlle and the effect is so great and overwhelming. Thank you for your kindness and your beautiful pictures, every time I visit your blog it's a warm welcom.
Have a nice weekend.
Warm greetings, Mea

Maria disse...

Dear Rosa,

I like the kindness-words. It makes me feel happy :)

Have a nice weekend!


Shabbycharm disse...

vackra och vennliga ord. kunne jag få legga dom på min blogg? tror många kan ha godt av å lese dom kloka ord.
kram bella

ale disse...

querida rosa maría!!MIL GRACIAS!!!!!BESOS GIGANTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita disse...

So many true words!I'm glad that there are more and more people thinking about this subject.It's so very easy to say something kind or just hello to someone.We're all the same inside although some people think otherwise.Be kind to your self and to others then the world would look a lot better!
Keep up your nice words and thoughts!
Many kind greetings from Anita.

lia disse...

Dear Rosa, You are so right about your words of kindness. I'll always try to be nice to another.
And I love also to be on your blog.

Lovely hugs Lia

Ange disse...

Dear Rosa,
My daughter's middle name is Rose. Beautiful. Your blog is very touching and you are right about kindness. And it is ever so important while we are being kind to ourselves, to remember small acts of kindness for all those we come in contact with... Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Soignes-toi bien...


Feelings disse...

Thank you, for always playing beautiful music for us!
Thank you for your sweet way, of saying things.
Thank you for being YOU!

The flowers and words are so well chosen.
The edmire you for making this post.
And I will never forget the post you made , late summer...with that handsome man, changing the sign for the blind man on the street.
That´s how I can see , your heart is one of the warmest. Your kindness comes from the heart, just as mine.

Have a wonderful evening!

Marie-Ange disse...

Je passe te dire bonjour et te souhaiter une bonne journée ...
Je t'embrasse et te souhaite un très beau samedi.

Il m'est de plus en plus difficile d'accéder à ton blog, Blogger me refusant souvent l'accès aux blogs étrangers que j'aime ...
Alors ne m'en veux pas si ...

Magoda disse...

Rosa! Thank you for your photos and words!
You are so far but I thinking about you.

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your words are so lovely. I totally agree with you! If only.......I was touched to see my name in your list. Thank you so much! I enjoy visiting your blog as well. Although your life is different from mine we have a lot in common. I enjoy the pictures you show us and the words you share.

I wish you a lovely and sunny weekend!

Lieve groet,


Jacqueline disse...

What a beautiful post, Rosa...from a beautiful, kind person.I'm so pleased that I found your lovely blog and have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing youur wonderful home and family.
Have a lovely weekend. XXXX

Rostrose disse...

Oh, dear Rosa, thank you so much for your lovely words! I think kindness comes to you because you deserve it - you also are a wonderful gift for all of us! Hugs you sweet one, Traude

Marge disse...

Dear Rose,

What a beautiful post!:)
I believe, that kindness come more kindness:))
Thank you for your kindness words on my blogg!:)
Joyfull week for you!
Hug, Marge

vitating disse...

Jag hoppas du kan översätta texten. Det är okej att du handlar av mig bara du vet hur du ska göra. Jag kan inte maila dig så kan du maila mig så jag kan svara på ditt mail. Vill gärna inte skriva kontonummer här på din blogg. Jag mailar dig sedan mitt kontonummer, summan av dina saker och frakten för att skicka till dig.
Tack för att du ville handla i min webbloppis!

Kram Maria

siren disse...

Oh, thats a really nice way to honour those who drop by your blog, it makes me feel special! :)

I mutst say that I totally love your wooden threes futher down on your blog, theyre awesome!Siren :)

Brabourne Farm disse...

Thank you so much for including me in your list of names - I'm sure everyone agrees with me when I say that it is an absolute joy to visit your beautiful blog! Leigh