segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

just waiting for Santa...

This is the decor i've made on my chimney! I don't have a lot of place, because we haven't a traditional fireplace. Nevertheless, i managed to get some things there. There are things i found at fleamarket, like the paintings, and things i bought at local shops, like the candles.
We covered the chimney wall with white small "azulejos". It took us (me and my husband) a whole afternoon, but it really works! The background wall is also covered with "azulejos" made at home with plaster!!! It took about 2 weeks to do everything! I love the result and the way they contrast with blank white walls and the chimney, but it was sooooooo hard to do!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful new week; and for those who celetrate advent (we don't) - Happy Advent!!

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Anna disse...

Welcome Rosa!!
Thanks for the compliments and I am glad that you will like. Thanks also for that I am at your blog. And that I did. Your blog is incredibly interesting and beautiful. I hope we will be in touch with Rosa.
Shake cieplutko Anna

vanamo disse...

I wish you a very special time before Christmas:) Beautiful music again, Rosa. Your pictures are full of feeling.
Take care, Vanamo

Marie-Ange disse...

Merveilleuses images qui réchauffent le coeur et font du bien à l'âme !
Ton monde est tout de douceur et de tendresse, c'est un réel enchantement de passer chez toi.
Merci chère Rosa.
Mille bisous d'amitié.

Marita disse...

So lovely decorations! have a good week.

Tiinali disse...

Hello, oh, i'm glad that you found my blog! You have a intresting blog and i must come whit better time to see more! -Tiina

domishkov disse...

what a beauty! And what made these delicate trees? They are your creation? I love your blog.

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your Christmas decorations look lovely! Your fireplace is just beautiful!!!! It is worth all the time and trouble you spent in building/decorating it.

Lieve groet, Madelief

Chrissy disse...

Looks so pretty,I like your fireplace,its different! Have a great week,Chrissy

Sabina disse...

Thank´s for your visit at my blog. It´s nice to find out new and interesting blogs. I like your blog and your pictures. Lovely kids you have!
Have a nice time!

Marge disse...

Dear Rosa,

Your fireplace is very beautiful!!!
Your pictures is very sensitive and lovely.
I wish you happy Christmas time!!:)

Les Cotrions disse...

You made a faboulous work inside and outside your home! Love your decorations and the welcoming atmosphere you created!!!
All my best wishes for Dec 9!!!
I'll think about you!
Big hugs

ruma2008 disse...

Really lovely triangles.