quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009

do you belive in angels?!...

all photos from the net
No decor today!!!
Just wanted to share with you one of my greatest passions! - Angels.
If you've been following my blog, you'll already know that i have an angels' corner! It is not a praying zone! It has nothing to do with fanatic religious beliefs (although i was brought up in an extremely religious family; and maybe too because of that!!!)! It has nothing to do with collections! It's my inspirational/ spiritual/romantic/zen place. We all need something to hold on to from time to time, don't we?!
Today just want to bring you some peace! Take a deep breath!
What would you feel if you could touch an angel?! How does it feel when you touch one?!
Enjoy the moment!

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Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Hello my love,
I believe each of myself has a guardian angel.
Here is a saying:
Friends are like Angels,
to you help again on the legs if your wings have forgotten like one flies.
In this sense of all love,
and a miraculous day wishes you,

lia disse...

Hello Rosa.

What a beautiful pictures from the angels.
And just like Elke I believe that you have a guardian angel.

Hugs from Lia

Steven D! feat. Charly_GC disse...

Hello Rosa,
a wonderful posting as always!
Have a nice day.
Greetings from Steven

Les Cotrions disse...

I believe in angels Rosa! We all have a guardian one! I like to think that somebody takes care of each of us!
Very nice post!

jade disse...

I believe in angels too, dear Rosa....thank you so much, for this wonderful post!!! Have a very nice weekend,

Hugs Jade

ruma2008 disse...

They are holy, and just lovely.

Take care.

Catherine disse...

I believe that we all have a guardian angel! take care Rosa catherine

Picture Imperfect disse...

I truly do believe in angels. I also believe that we each have our own - some of us might even need several through the years ;o) - so in that case I think you and your health are well taken care of.

A saying I am fond of is...

"Never go faster than your angel can fly!"

Truer words never spoken, I'm tellin' ya!

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Rosa, Yes I believe in angels and I love them to. Beautiful pictures, I love this post.
Have a nice weekend.
Lovely greetings from Mea

Madeleine disse...

Have a nice weekend!
Hugs Madeleine

piitis disse...

Dear Rosa,
I believe in angles.
Thank you so much, lovely post:))

Take care and lovely weekend!!

Big hugs:)

Luna disse...

Dear`a lovely post...and yes, I belive in angles!
Love greetings...Luna

Brabourne Farm disse...

Hi Rosa

Your angels are divine! I love that you've included "In the Arms of the Angels" - this is such a beautiful song! Hope you're having an angelic weekend. Leigh