domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

Can you believe it?!...

Look what i found in the trash!!!
About three weeks ago i found this pretty basket in the trash! In fact they were 2, but, this weekend i only transformed one! The other one is waiting in the shed untill i decide what to do with it!( Still haven't a clue!)
The baskets were in good condition, but completely covered with dust and needing a good clean. That was the 1st thing i did! After that a good coat of white paint... some laces and fabrics i already had at home and ... it started looking much better! To finish it... and as it's place would be in my baby girl's room, i added a pink ribbon and an old postcard i had bought at a fleamarket. It was complete!!!; and it's now filled with toys and being used! Can you imagine it was supposed to be in a huge pile of garbage?!

2nd part on my weekend:

3 Years!!! At least 3 years ago!; last time i was at the cinema! On saturday managed to escape!!! My husband took my son to his violin lessons and my daughter to see the seagulls and i went to the cinema alone - me myself and i!!! What a great time i would have!?...
Went to see "This is it". I was never a great fan of Michael jackson, but since his death i began more and more interested!; don't really know why!; maybe because for the first time in my life, i got that feeling, that old people have, that everybody or things that you knew and that had always been there during your life, are disappearing! Slowly fading as a candle light! For the 1st time i found myself being sure that i was really aging! Do you know what i mean?! ... I got home!! He had died and ... suddendly i got this strange click... that a part of my teenagerhood (don't know if the word exists!!hi! hi!) was gone! To be honest... haven't been able to deal with that until now!
Anyway!... went to see the movie and was overwhelmed with the fact that he was a genius of entertaining! He was born to be an entertainer and as he once said in an interview: He "was proud to be one". Did any of you got to see it?!
A great week to you all!

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Shabbycharm disse...

WOW så snygg kurven ble.
vakra bilder visar du som alltid.
ha en skön mandag.
kram bella

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa Maria,

I loved your post and how lucky to find the hamper, you have made it special. I adored the little vintage postcard.
Glad that you got to see the Michael Jackson movie. I was never a fan but do realize he was a very talented Man.

Happy week

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Bikim, what a lucky you that you found two baskets on the street. You've make them so lovely with the white colour and the lace and the beautiful card.
It seems to me also that it is a beautiful film, I want to see this also. I recognize many things in what you tell about lost and aging. It's especially the lost of young people, than you realize how finite life is. I have prior experience, so I know what you mean with that.
Have a nice week.
Warmly greeting, Mea

Brabourne Farm disse...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for absolutely lovely comment about our house and garden - you're a darling! Leigh

Maria disse...

Dear Rosa!

Lovely basket. It is a real find! Take good care of it :)

I hope you are doing well!


Lilla kullan disse...

So beautiful pictures.:-) Hug Stina

Marie-Ange disse...

Tout ce que tu touches devient Beauté ...
Bisous chère Rosa ...

ale disse...

querida rosa maría!!!GENIAL!! RESCATAR DE LA BASURA UNOS CANASTOS Y convertirlos en tanta belleza...con tus puntillas...y esa foto antigua!!!!HERMOSÍSIMO!!!!!!te mando un abrazo y miles de besos para vos!!!!!!!!!!

Luiza disse...

Haha, it´s really unbeliveble, what people throw away, isn´t it?
It´s a good thing that we , who are creative, take care of beautiful things =)...

Well,you have done a great job with it, and I can imagine it´s perfect for the toys.

Wish you a lovely evening.

Inspiration i vitt disse...

How lucky you are to find such fine baskets. They will fit nicely in your girl's room. Hugs to you / Ingela.