sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

christmas is knocking on my door!!!

Ok! It's Christmas! I've announced it on my street!!! Oh! God what a sad street that is!!! Nobody does christmas decor outside except for myself and another neighbour!!! No christmas lights; no snowmen; no christmas trees; OUTSIDE?! NO NOTHING!!! hate it!!
I, on the other hand, love to celebrate whatever i feel like!, and when i do it, i do it not only inside, but ouside as well! SO... here are some of the photos of my entrance area. Hope you like it and feel like decorating outside too!
Went to the doctor today and i'll have my surgery on the 9th. Can't wait to get over that and fully enjoy my christmas time!

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fräulein klein disse...

Dear Rosa, I love your outdoor-decoration! I think I must making something too , maybe a little christmas-tree?
Have a wonderful weekend,

Jacqueline disse...

Hi there Rosa,
The ouside of your house is beautiful and full of the joys of Christmas. I always have white lights in my 2 bay trees and lanterns with candles and a wreath on the front door.
I am so pleased that you can have your surgery before Christmas so that you can enjoy Christmas Day.. I wish you all the best for the 9th and will be thinking of you and your family.
With much love. XXXX

lia disse...

Dear Rosa, I love your outside cristmas decoration. I have also my garden in christmas style, but I wait till the first week of december. I am glad that the surgery is so soon.

Lovely greets Lia

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your outdoor decorations look lovely. I like the snow. I haven't decorated very much yet.In Holland we have to celebrate Sinterklaas first. We celebrate it next weekend. After that the decorating starts. I am glad the surgery is soon. I hope everything will go well and you will recover quickly. Happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

BellaRosa disse...

Rosa, how beautifuly you have decorated the outside of your house, I bet the inside it just wonderful too! Your pictures are just lovely as always. Besos, Rose

Feelings disse...

Dearest Rosa!
I love your outside decor, it´s wonderful. Can´t undurstand how your neighbours can keep away from decorating , when they pass your house...

I didn´t have time , yet, to make any decorations, but tomorrow is my day off. I will start it with, going to a christmas market... just to get some inspiration =).

I´m glad you finally got the date for surgery, and I´m sure it will all go well. A wonderful woman like you, must have more than one guardian angel. I´ll be thinking of you the 9:th...
Have a wonderful evening, Rosa!


Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa, today I had a little bit more time and so I could read this post and also the last two - thank you so much for sharing all those things of your life, your believing in angels, your pretty white in-door-decoration, this wonderful outdoor-styling - and I think it is so good that it will brighten all your street!!! - and thank you also for telling us that you are healthy enough for the surgery! I will be with you on 9th December, send love and energy to you!!! Hugs and a wonderful Sunday to you and your family, Traude

Draffin Bears disse...

Hi Rosa,

I love your Christmas decorations around your home. It all looks so pretty.
Wishing you all the best for your surgery on the 9th ~ I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy weekend

Mayflower disse...

Dear Rosa, I enjoy your wonderful Christmasdecoration outside. I also decorate outside, not exuberant, but a little christmastree with lights, a mistletoe, some lanterns and little decorations. I love to decorate the whole house, in every room there are christmasdecorations.
I'm glad that the surgery is so soon, I wish you lots of strenght and hope that you're fully recovered with the holidays.
Warm greeting, Mea

Sea Angels disse...

Hi Rosa I love your decorations and that sprinkling of snow was made to order, how beautiful.
Soon I hope you will be on the road to recoverey, and looking forward to Christmas.
Wishing you lots of love and magical snow flakes.
Hugs Lynn xxxx

jade disse...

Meine liebste Rosa,
es sieht so wundervoll bei dir aus - die Weihnachtsdekoration ist ein Traum!!!! Du hast alles mit so viel Liebe dekoriert, vielleicht bekommen die Nachbarn ja doch noch Lust, auch ein wenig zu schmücken ;))!!!
Das Wichtigste ist aber, dass du bald wieder richtig gesund wirst und dafür wünsch ich dir alles, alles Liebe und viel Kraft und danach wirst du die Vorweihnachtszeit so richtig genießen können!!! Dir und deiner Familie einen wunderschönen 1. Advent und ganz liebe Grüße,

herzlichst Jade

Millie disse...

Rosa you just keep doing what you do - & just maybe, your grumpy neighbours might find some of your beautiful spirit rubbing off on them! Your decorations look just delightful.
Millie ^_^