segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

casadecor lisboa

This is Casadecor! An interior design and decor exibition that takes palce in Lisboa and Porto every year around this time. I do visit it every year!; not because it's my kind of decor but because i LOVE details and you can always find sooooo many details here and there that you end up loving!
I took these images from the net, but i'll go there on Saturday and i intend on bringing a lot more photos of the details i liked the most.
Meanwhile... my son is sick since Friday with high fever. We think it's not the h1n1 flu, but we'll never know!!! We never went to the hospital! What would we be doing there?! Waiting 6 to 7 hours so our son could be seen by a doctor?! This is a strange country!!! We have this special place that's working only for h1ni flu and one must wait almost 8 hours to be seen and have tests made to check! In 8 hours if you're not infected you'll for sure get it waiting in a room full of people that might have it, don't you think?!
Anyway!... small children from 6months to 2 years (that includes my baby) start having the vaccine today! NOT my children!!! We've decided it's not safe enough! I do feel scared that something might happen but we decided to take the chance and deal with THE problem now and do not have unknown problems coming in the future! Life is made of options! ...What are you doing?! What have you decided?!
Thanks the gods, yesterday he felt much better, but we decided to leave him home also today so he fully recovers! Our worries right now are towards my baby girl!... we're just keeping our fingers crossed!... and hoping she does not get sick too!
Hoping there's no sickness over there!!!! Have a lovely new week!

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Brabourne Farm disse...

Can't wait to see your photos - looks like a fabulous exhibition. Hope you have a lovely week! Leigh

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Rosa, first I 'm glad that your little son feels much better. I can imagine the fear for this influenza and how difficult it is for you to make the right decision also for your little babygirl. My son is 22 year, so I don't have this dilemma.

The photo's of that interior decoration fair looks lovely. I can't wait to see the pictures that you are going to make. I love also the little details.

I wish you a wonderful week and I hope this flu stays far away from you and your childeren.

Lovely greetings from Mea

Atelje Skärvan disse...


Ihope that yours son is better and wish you a wonderful week.

Marie-Ange disse...

Bonsoir ma chère Rosa,
J'ai feuilleté toutes mes pages de retard avec un très grand plaisir !
C'est toujours avec enchantement que je visite ton univers si tendre.
Bisous du coeur.

Violetta disse...

Happy to read that your son is feeling better! It's always scary when the children are sick and the temperature is going high, but children are better prepared for it though :)

Lovely pictures of lovely stuff. Curtains with fur...that's something for my wallet! :)

Thanks for all your sweet comment! Always appreciated!

Feelings disse...

Hello, Rosa!

Your images are so lovely, just as you are, thats why I have a surprise for you to get at my blog.
Hope you´ll accept and like it.


erin disse...

Hi Rosa!

So glad you visited my blog today and added me to your blog roll...what an honor, thank you so much!

You have a lovely blog...I am so sorry about your little one being sick. I agree with not going to hospital as THAT is where the germs are! I hope he feels better soon and that no one else catches it!

I look forward to more pretty pictures.....

take care,

Magdalena disse...

Hola Rosa,
espero que tu hijo esta mejor hoy, y que tu niñita no se enferme...
tienes razón, en la casadecor hay muchos lindos detalles, por lo que veo en tus fotos.
Abrazo fuerte,
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Millie disse...

Dear Rosa, I think you did the right thing not going to the Hospital. Managing these things at home is best, where your little boy is comfortable & not exposed to any more bugs. Thanks for your lovely message, I am SO annoyed with my injury, but I've got to keep my sense of humour or else!!
Millie ^_^

Les Cotrions disse...

Hello Rosa! I'm happy your son is better now! I wont vaccine my children either...not now!
This exhibition looks simply fantastic!!!
Have a nice day!

yolanda disse...

What a gorgeus pictures.
Take care

maría cecilia disse...

Hi Rosa, hope your son is much better today. Here in Chile it was The flu some months ago and today nobady is talking about it... it´ll pass, as so many things do.
Thank you very much for your visit today and for the sweet comment you left... I´ve been here in your wonderful blog many times.
Muchos cariños
María Cecilia

Chrissy disse...

Hope you son is feeling better!! Your photos are lovely!! Chrissy

ale disse...

querida rosa maría!! ojalá que tus chiquitos se mejoren pronto!!!!!!todo pasa!!!!
l agree with you...sometimes in that casdecor...or here in buenos aires we have CASA always you love everything!but always you are going to find something that moves you...l love to go also!!!l send you an enormous kiss and specially lots of kisses to your little kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabel disse...

HOpe your kids are recovered. My 13 and 18 year olds just recovered from the H1N1 flu. They were out of commission for almost 10 days, and although not serious cases, it was not FUN :(