quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

white wednesday - fleamarket findings find their place!

OHHHH! What a terrible week this has been! It must be really hard to be a single mother!
My husband is in Austria since Monday and until the end of the week. He will come home for the weekend and then will go back on Sunday night. So ... i've been alone with my 2 children and ... running all the time! Between taking my son to school, giving him lunch, picking him up and going to his violin, ballet and karaté lessons i end up not having to much time off to blog.
Nevertheless, i would like to share with you some photos from my hallway - only details (i'll try to take some photos of the complete look of it for my next post!).
Some of the things were bought at fleamarkets and, as you can see, some of last week's findings already found it's place. (For more on white visit "Fadedcharme.blogspot" - hosting white wednesday.)
Hope you like them! Here is still too hot!!! Can't wait for autumn's weather (i had enough of hot weather by now!)! Have to go! BE HAPPY and ENJOY YOUR DAY!
Thanks soooo much everybody for your lovely comments!! They make me very happy! MERCI, THANKS, GRACIAS, DANKE ...

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Steven D! feat. Charly_GC disse...

Thanks soooo much everybody for your lovely comments!!
Once more a nice comment, Rosa! *grining*
Wonderful macro-photographies from you!
Recover yourself from your subsistence as a mother. ;-)
Kind regards from Steven

fräulein klein disse...

You have put your flea market findings quite wonderfully in scene and have decorated.
GLG ,yVonne

ale disse...

QUERIDA ROSA MARÍA!! Hermosísimo todo en su lugar!!!!éste domingo en argentina es el día de la madre...asi que DESPUÉS DE ÉSTA SEMANA A FULL!!!... muy FELIZ DÍA!!!!!!

Marita disse...

Your pictures has a little christmasfeeling in them, or then it's just in me :)
Have had some christmasfeelings already.

Lena Skapar och Inreder disse...

Hallo Bikim thank you for your comentarios.
Lovely photografies from you. Is nice whit kids, its a gift. When they are big you don´t see soo mutch of them, you have a another relations whit them. My son is 25 years old.
His gold for me.

Have a nice day too you. Lena

jade disse...

Guten Abend liebste Rosa,
das hört sich sehr anstrengend an und du bist bestimmt sehr froh, wenn dein Mann wieder zu Hause ist!!!! Wie schön, dass du so herrliche Schätze auf dem Flohmarkt gefunden hast.......einfach traumhaft!!!
Bei uns ist es schon recht winterlich kalt geworden und die ersten Schneeflocken konnte man auch schon sehen.

Einen wunderschönen Herbstabend und ganz liebe Grüße, herzlichst Jade

June disse...

Beautiful vignettes with your lovely finds, Rosa Maria. You have found such beautiful things at the markets. I love to come here to be inspired and see all the things going on in your life. I wish I could send you some of my cold weather. I would like it to warm up just a bit.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff disse...

I love to visit your blog, your expressions and pictures are so beautiful.


Luiza disse...

Dear, Rosa!
Your photos gives me so much inspiration. The details are just wonderful.

No, it can´t be easy being a single mother, and take care of so many things that you did this week. I´m sure your husband will make it up for you, in one way or another. And it´s only a temporary trip =)

Thank you for the wonderful comment you left, lately. I know exactly what you mean, when you write, people laughs and thinks you´re crazy... =)
But belive me, I´ve experienced things that are hard to explain... And I do belive in a life before and after this one.

Have a wonderful friday.

maría cecilia disse...

Hi, I love the way your findings found their place and love the findings themselves!!!
... and, I know what it is to be alone with three children, husband travelling...the good thing is that back at that time there`s was no internet, so no addiction to this wonderful media.
Have a great weekend and enjoy your children as much as you can and beyond, they grow so, so fast!!
María Cecilia

teddy bears Marin to Venice disse...

Hi Rosa Maria, our almost similar name!

looked as always with interest your blog.... it is beautiful and some images are

touching! and they touch the heart, are very good with blog.... but are an exceptional mother!

From a kiss to your child and one to you.


Elle disse...

Merci beaucoup pour ton visite dans mon blog. Ton blog me plait beaucoup aussi et je vais le regarder et lire avec plaisir :) Tu as les deccorations tres jolie!
Je te souhaite une bonne semaine :)
Elle de la Pologne

Marie-Ange disse...

J'adore ta page mystique, mystérieuse ...
Tes photos sont magnifiques !
Bisous de belle soirée.